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How this all got started…

State of the Float Tank Industry ReportJust before the 2014 Float Conference, we sent out two questionnaires to members of the float community.

One targeting existing centers to see how they got started, what they’re doing now, and what challenges they faced. The other was for prospective centers, to get a sense of what their plans are and what we can expect for the growth of the industry going forward.

In 2014, we received answers from 56 existing centers and 156 prospective centers!

There are people out there looking for loans or investment, and the information you help us gather from this report will help dozens of new centers open up. This report is one of the most accurate ways to measure the floatation industry and is often used in national press releases.

In 2015, we received answers from 88 existing centers and 185 prospective centers!

In 2016, we received answers from 170 existing centers and 247 prospective centers!

From these responses, we can get a representative idea of what is going on in the industry (although it will never be totally accurate). The 2016 report shows a continued growth in the float tank industry. Once again, there are more centers opening than ever before, and those centers continue to be larger and more well funded than we’ve seen in the past.

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