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Human Resource Guide for Float Tank BusinessWhether you are a small or large float center, you most likely have other employees working for you. Regardless of the size of your staff, for reasons of efficiency and legality, it’s essential that your organization has clear and straightforward policies and guidelines. No matter how good employee communication is, it’s always safest and cleanest to have clear parameters and expectations written down.

This is why Float Tank Solutions has created a customizable Employee Handbook Template. Free for anyone to download, it contains federally compliant language (current as of October 2016) and contains a multitude of sections, from employee benefits and compensation descriptions to job guidelines and discrimination policies. In addition to being worked over and evaluated by Float Tank Solutions, it was prepared by our HR consultant and also reviewed for final approval by an HR attorney. You can modify, expand, and add upon the existing draft, making it fit your center’s needs. This gives new and existing employees the ability to reference the handbook in order to make well-informed and responsible choices.

It’s an an efficient onboarding tool for new employees and can help keep you compliant with the law. You’d like to think that clear guidelines, in addition to common sense, will allow employees to make good decisions on the job. However, if you run into a tough situation, having a comprehensive Employee Handbook with clearly stated expectations will help you navigate these difficult conversations and decisions. It also helps employees know what to expect from you, the float center owner.

employee-handbook_atlantis-merman-employee“It says right here, Section 4C, ‘Float Atlantis will provide wearable mermaid/man/person tails upon Employee’s request.’

Keep in mind that this is a document to cover your important employment policies, not a “how to” document for running a center – it doesn’t cover the technical aspects of running a float operation, maintaining tanks, etc. That said, we hope the handbook helps you run an efficient and organized float center so you have more time and energy for these other salty adventures.

We are pleased to provide this free resource and hope that it can serve as a jumping off point for other centers to develop and modify it to fit their own needs! You can download the Float Tank Solutions Employee Handbook Template here.

Much Love,

Float Tank Solutions