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Construction Packet & Contractor’s Cheat Sheets

build a float tank center construction packetThe road to building out your float business is filled with easy to make construction mistakes that will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in labor, materials, and lost revenue.

We know because we’ve been there. When we were starting up Float On, we didn’t realize exactly how destructive salt is, or how much detail goes into good build-out, and we’ve spent the last 12 years paying for it – literally. It has cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars to close down, tear out our original work, and put in suitable replacements for the center.

Our Construction Plan is created, not only from our own experiences, but from years of consulting with new float centers opening up all over the world.

We’ve worked closely with contractors to craft each section, and our 180 page guide has been reviewed by architects, master electricians, plumbers, and other trade experts.

Read more about the Construction Packet here and check out the sample sections below. 

Electrical Preview

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Soundproofing Preview

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Regular Price: $4400

Special Conference Discount: $2640
“The Construction Packet is one of the best investments I’ve made since deciding to open a float studio. Orchestrating all the unique needs for contractors is as easy as handing them the packet and asking if they have any questions.”
Charlie Dobson
Enso Float
“The Construction Packet has been just what the doctor ordered to plan and build a state of the art float center. The staff will help to clarify any of the in-depth topics discussed in the packet. This is the go to source for all your construction needs.”
Nick Burton
Blissful Relaxation

Float Center Business Plan Package

Our Business Plan has gone through years of testing and revision. It has been successfully used, time and again, to obtain funding for centers that are now up and running.

The numbers in this business plan are based on the real world finances of running Float On for the last 12 years, and from hundreds of hours spent consulting with float centers all over the world.

You can easily play with variables in the plans to instantly update five years of financial projections and settle on a plan that will make sense for you and your future business.

Read more about the Business Plan here and check out the sample sections below.

Written Section Preview

Financial Section Preview

Regular Price: $2170

Special Conference Discount: $1302
“The Business Plan has been invaluable to us. There were so many details provided that we could have easily overlooked. Having a template to keep us guided and focused throughout the process made a world of difference. It also really helped our confidence presenting to investors knowing not only could we answer and speak to all of their questions, but that the information was also available in the Business Plan.”
Kymberlee Lisk
Ebb & Float
“Thanks Float Tank Solutions. We’re impressed in your availability, knowledge and attention to detail. We could not have accomplished what we’ve done without Float Tank Solution in our corner. Thanks again for helping raise the bar in this emerging industry.”
Paul Clift
Samana Float Center