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When Float Tank Solutions first started out, we wanted to have a resource to help clear up the confusion of what the hell a float tank actually was. So we created the About Float Tanks Guide. A primer on everything we knew about the industry 6+ years ago.

Needless to say, it had some gaps in the information.

All about float tanks guideWe’ve learned a lot since then, so has the industry and the rest of the world. Floating is no longer considered some obscure practice like leech therapy or bartitsu. The industry has become very well established the world over and is continuing to grow. As such, this resource in particular desperately needed updating.

There has been new research, new standards in manufacturing, and as an industry, we have a much better understanding of all things float tank. With that in mind, we’re tossing out our old About Float Tanks Guide and releasing a brand new About Float Tanks Guide. The latest version that includes illustrations, historic pictures from significant moments in floating, a complete breakdown of every benefit that we’re aware of for floating and sensory isolation (complete with sources to all the research we used), and answers to virtually every question anyone could hope to ask about laying down in a dark tub of extremely salty water.

This guide has contributions from the highest industry professionals around, including scientists, historians, pioneers in the industry including: Nick Ashfield, Justin Feinstein, Tom Fine, Kevin Johnson, Annette Kjellgren, Shoshana Leibner, Bernard Meloche, Lee Perry, Glenn Perry, Colin Stanwell-Smith, Tim Strudwick, Charlie Williams, and the “experts in NOTHING” over at Float Tank Solutions, especially Juliet who organized all of the information and revised this guide.

And just like the original guide, the updated version is completely free!


Download the latest version of the About Float Tanks Guide


We hope that you love this as much as we loved making it.

Stay salty!



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