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2017 Float Tank Industry ReportState of the Float Industry Report

This annual report is one of the most accurate ways to measure the floatation industry and is often used as a source in national press releases.

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About Float Tanks Primer

About Float Tanks Primer

This is a thorough overview of float tanks, including the physical and mental benefits, the supporting scientific evidence, and information on the history and growth of the industry.

Health Department Essentials

Health Dept. Essentials

Learn the best ways to approach Health Department officials in your area. Contains water sanitation studies and research results, as well as letters from existing health departments.

float tank comparison guideFloat Tank Comparison Guide

We’ve contacted every major manufacturer in the world and put together a 14 point comparison chart for nearly 30 different float tanks.

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Float Center Location Checklist

This single-page checklist helps you cover your bases on everything you need to consider when finding the perfect location for your float center.

float tank water treatment course

Float Tank Water Treatment

This free course is straight out of our online apprenticeship program. Learn the fundamentals of float tank chemistry and maintenance from Ashkahn Jahromi.

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Scientific Research about Float Tanks

Scientific Research List

This research list is a reference spreadsheet of all the articles we’ve been able to find on floatation, easily searchable and organizable by author, article, year, country, and type of research

Free Resources for Float Tank Centers

Get the Free BundleFloat Tank Solutions has worked to create an extensive variety of free resources to educate people about the benefits that float tanks and floatation therapy provide. If you’re interested in researching the benefits of floatation therapy, spreading the word about float tanks, or introducing investors and potential business partners to the industry, these guides and informational packets contain everything you need.

We want to get the word out about this amazing, all-natural therapy, and help the float tank industry find a welcomed home in modern society. These packets offer a wide range of useful facts and figures on floatation therapy, including float tank history, the medical benefits of floatation therapy, and information which will help get your float tanks correctly classified by regulating government agencies.

Download these free resources, and get started on your way to joining the float tank industry!

If you’re in need of more in-depth resources, check out our start a float center products that we’ve created.

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