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Float Tank Comparison Guide


The information in our Tank Comparison Chart has been compiled from every major float manufacturer in the world. Our 14-point comparison chart includes pricing, dimensions, filtration details, and much more for nearly 30 different float tanks.

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A couple of the questions we get every single day at Float Tank Solutions are…

What float tank should I buy?


What’s the best float tank?

This is, unfortunately, an impossible question for us to answer. There is no “best” float tank, nor is there a “perfect” float tank out there (no matter what sales people tell you). While there isn’t a best tank, there may be a best choice for you, your budget, and your center.

To help in your big, salty decision we compiled this Comparison Chart for you. We contacted every major manufacturer in the world and had them fill out the same 14-point questionnaire for their float tanks. With this you can quickly compare models by:

  • price
  • dimensions
  • appearance
  • materials
  • filtration
  • heating style
  • ventilation
  • warranty
  • …and more

Comparison Chart Legend

Find the Best Float Tank for You

Compare Units from All of the Major Manufacturers

  • @ Peace
  • California Float Concepts
  • Dreampod
  • Escape Pod
  • Floataway
  • Float Capsule
  • Float•Es
  • Float Lab
  • Float MedTec
  • FloatPod
  • Float Spa
  • High-Tech Floatation

  • i-sopod
  • Mandala Float
  • Ocean Float Rooms
  • Oasis
  • Aquarmony
  • Pro Float
  • Requiescent
  • Samadhi
  • Superior Float Tanks
  • Wave Float Room
  • The Float Capsule