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Health Department Essentials


Our Health Department Essentials will make sure that you understand the process of talking to Health Department officials. It also contains water sanitation studies and research results, as well as letters from existing health departments, to make those conversations go more smoothly.

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This package contains an introduction and guide to approaching health departments, as well as the best resources we’ve collected as an industry on sanitation and regulation.

It will save you hours of tracking down the documents that are included, and will also help prevent a fair amount of confusion and headaches as you navigate the world of recreational water sanitation.

Our Health Department Essentials are free, and we recommend it, not only to educate health department officials about float tanks, but to help educate yourself as well.

Our Health Department Essentials contains:

  • An 8 page guide covering resources and methods to approach local health departments.
  • Float tank laboratory tests on water quality.
  • Letters from various county and state health departments on float tanks.
  • Industry research on the anti-bacterial effects of salt water.
  • Results from testing the accuracy of test kits in an epsom salt solution.
  • The most recent Float Tank Standards from the FTA.
  • … and more

If you’re an existing center and would like to contribute your local health department letters to the package, email them to us: info@floattanksolutions.com

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