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Step-by-Step Marketing Package


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“Any float center trying to increase customers, NEEDS this.”
-Caleb Barham  Owner, Drop of Calm

In a perfect world, everyone has heard of float tanks. They are covered by insurance and recommended by doctors (and physical therapists, and trainers, and tutors, and counselors, and…) Newspapers contact YOU for stories, and your facebook following grows consistently of its own volition.

Unfortunately that’s not the case. Even though floating is amazing, marketing the tanks can be difficult.

At Float Tank Solutions (and at our float center which started it, Float On) we design all of our marketing materials specifically for the float tank industry, and have seen great success creating new strategies for use in marketing float tanks, floatation therapy, and float centers. This packet compiles all of the innovative marketing strategies that made our center the largest in the nation, and a pillar of the float tank community, in a mere year and a half.

With over 1,000 floats a month coming through our center, dozens of articles from national and local press, and high praise on every social review site, these marketing strategies are PROVEN.
We’ve tested everything from door-to-door sales to google ads to groupon to podcasting. This package is made up of the most successful campaigns we’ve launched, and we’ve done all of the prep and planning for you.

We’ve created this packet to let you fill in the blanks and go.
It has everything form template emails, ads, and press releases to a step-by-step guide to running your own fully legal internship.press-kit-teaser_medium

With this packet, we give you access to the press kit we created to get word of our center out to traditional media outlets, the social media regimen that gained us thousands of followers and solidified our online presence, and our creative marketing programs that got us invaluable word of mouth marketing and countless dedicated floaters. We even give you guides for creating pricing structures and for taking advantage of the extremely successful, but often difficult to navigate territory of “daily deal” websites.

On top of all this, our marketing packet explains the logic and data behind all of our campaigns, so you’re not just re-using our work, but are learning to create your own as well.

We’ve also provided TONS of extra materials like high-resolution photographs of every major float tank, a wide array of quotes about floatation therapy, journal entries from float tank enthusiasts, and links to news and research articles on floating, all of which can be used in whatever ways you see fit to flesh out your marketing materials or create your own.

The resources in this package will make sure you never have an empty tank again.

“It’s like having the most efficient consultant and marketing artist/designer holding your hand along each step of the way up to opening a float tank business. With this material I have been given more time to spend on other aspects of the business which gives me much more confidence and control in the future outcome of business activity.”

-Jeremy Spang Owner, Surrender to the Float

“Drop Of Calm had been open for 4 months before we got the marketing kit. It is one of our best investments. We had a loose idea of how we wanted to move forward, but we now have a clear direction and clear steps without taking months of bumbling guesses to get there. Any float center trying to increase its customer base NEEDS this kit.”

-Caleb Barham Owner, Drop of Calm

What’s in the ‘Step-by-Step Marketing Package’ ?

Media Outreach
Guide to Contacting Press
Based on the ACTUAL MATERIALS we used to get dozens of local and national news stories aired and published about Float On.
– Full Template Press Kit
– 3 Template Press Releases
– Step-by-Step Media Contact Guide
– Stock photos, quotes, links, and more to send them

Social Media
– Complete Facebook Guide for Float Tanks
– Complete Twitter Guide for Float Tanks
– TONS of pre-made content to post

Internship Guide
How to start and run an internship
– What to do legally
– Tips on managing interns
– Turning your interns into evangelists

Artist Program GuideWinter and Summer Marketing Strategies

How to start and run your own artist program…
or chef program, athlete program, dance program, etc.
– Step-by-Step guide for contacting and managing participants
– Template emails (for every step of the way)
– Template flier to post
– Spreadsheet for managing participants
– Template Contract

Pricing Guide
– General pricing theory
– Pricing for floats
– Membership Guide
– When (and how) to running discounts

Daily Deal Guide
Step-by-Step guide to preparing and running a daily deal
-Overview of various daily deal site options
-Negotiation tips and tacticsHigh Quality Marketing Materials
-What % to expect from each site
-Timeline of what to do at each stage of the deal

Bonus Materials
– High res stock photos of every major type of float tank
– Unreleased high res photos of John Lilly
– Handwritten journal entries from floaters
– A FULL list of float tank research and publications to date>
– Giant list of quotes from all different sources on floating
– Template ads ready to publish in your paper
– Links to dozens of previously published news articles on floating
– Recommended reading list

“The team at Float On have consistently impressed me with their ability to be creative, insightful, and effective. They have taken a business that is complicated and have produced an imaginative and novel approach that has made them an institution in their community and has assured success for themselves and those around them for many many years to come.”

-Kane Mantyla Founder, Float Matrix

If you aren’t absolutely thrilled
with the content of the Step-by-Step Float Tank Marketing Package, you can get a full refund within 30 days,
for any reason.