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FREE BUNDLE: Float Center Basics


Get all of our free resources in one easy download!

Over the years, we’ve compiled a fairly large list of guides, templates, and reports. Rather than the unnecessary clicking involved in adding them all to your cart separately, we put everything together so you could nab it all at once.

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Included in this bundle, you will receive:

Health Department Essentials

Health Department Essentials

Our Health Department Essentials guides you through the process of talking to Health Department officials. It also contains water sanitation studies and research results, as well as letters from existing health departments, to make those conversations go more smoothly.

Beginner's Guide

Template Float Brochure

This thorough brochure is the perfect way to introduce potential customers to floatation therapy. It offers an approachable summary of the benefits of the therapy, and we provide easily editable and re-brandable templates for you to customize.

All about float tanks

About Float Tanks Primer

This primer provides an excellent introduction into the practice and the industry of floatation. In addition to the basics, it includes a detailed summary of the history and benefits of floating (which has been thoroughly reviewed by current and original researchers in the field).


Scientific Research List

Access a list of all of the articles that we’ve been able to find on floatation therapy and chamber REST. This extensive research collection includes information on over 200 scientific articles related to float tanks.

2015 Industry Report

State of the Float Industry Reports

Every year, this report compiles survey answers from existing and prospective centers around the world. These are one of the most accurate ways we have to measure growth and trends floatation industry, and they are often referenced in media coverage on floatation.

float tank comparison guide

Float Tank Comparison Guide

We’ve contacted every major manufacturer in the world and put together a 14 point comparison chart for nearly 30 different float tanks. With this, you can quickly compare models and decide what might work best for your center.

…and more!

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