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Scientific Research List


This research list is a reference spreadsheet of all the articles we’ve been able to find on floatation, easily searchable and organizable by author, article, or year. We welcome you to download this for free as a resource for digging even deeper into the world of floating.

Last updated in December of 2019.

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Before opening our float center, Float On, we scoured the internet for research on the benefits of float tanks and floatation therapy. We found articles from scientific journals, research conferences, and other similar resources, which detailed the medical and psychological benefits of floatation therapy. The only issue was that these articles were listed in a wide variety of different databases, making them hard to locate and difficult to compile into an extensive list for easy reference.

We wanted to make these scientific articles more accessible to the general public, so we created as comprehensive a list as we could on the many articles that reference floatation and chamber REST. Although for copyright reasons we can’t provide the full text of the studies, you can use this database to easily dig deeper into floatation therapy’s ability to treat a wide variety of mental and physical ailments.

For a digestible summary of the benefits of floatation, check out our About Float Tanks Primer, which contains a 10-page section on benefits that has been reviewed by the float researchers themselves.

The articles below are listed alphabetically by author, include the title and, if available, include the journal or conference which we sourced them from.