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2015 State of the Float Industry Report


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Leading up to the 2015 Float Conference, we sent out two questionnaires to members of the float community. One targeting existing centers to see how they got started and how they ran their center. The other was for prospective centers, to get a sense of what their plans were, what stage they were in, and what we can expect for the growth of the industry going forward.

This is, of course, only a sampling of float centers – mainly from the US and Canada but with some international contributions. In total, we received answers from 88 existing centers and 185 prospective centers. From these we can get a representative idea of what is going on in the industry, although it will never be totally accurate.

The 2015 report asked a few more questions than in 2014, including segmented prices by length of floats, how prospective centers heard about floating, and total revenue for existing centers.

The results from 2015 show a steep and continued growth in the float industry. You can also download the 2014, 2016, and 2017 State of the Float Industry reports for free to compare the data between years.

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