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2020 State of the Float Industry Report


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This is the seventh year that Float Tank Solutions gathered and compiled data for the annual industry report, and this year is of course an especially notable one.

The Industry Report is compiled completely from voluntary contributions to our Industry Survey – mainly from the US and Canada but with some international contributions. In total, we received answers from 157 existing centers and 89 prospective centers.

PLUS, this is also the second year where we’ve been able to use actual anonymized data from 52 HelmBot customers to gain accurate reports of float center income and growth.

This year’s report was – like pretty much everything – heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Good data analysis attempts to control for variables, but how do you account for unprecedented global events? In previous years, we’ve released our survey in the second week of June, which provides enough time for us to prepare the report in time for the Float Conference in the Fall.

Given that most closures were starting to take full effect at the start of June and an end date was uncertain, we opted to wait to release the survey. This also gave us the opportunity to incorporate questions about the pandemic.

It’s important to note that responses were collected between August through October, while the pandemic continued to worsen and lockdowns were extended or renewed. As such, the data presented is an interesting, but also incomplete picture of how the float industry was impacted (and how it responded) to this crisis.