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2021 & 2022 State of the Float Industry Report Bundle


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These reports cover the 8th & 9th years that Float Tank Solutions gathered and compiled data for the annual industry report.

To make accessing these reports more convenient, we’re offering them as a bundle for the time being – you will find both the 2021 Reports and the 2022 Reports in this same download.

These Industry Report are compiled completely from voluntary contributions to our Industry Survey – mainly from the US and Canada but with some international contributions. We’ve also collected real-world data directly from the systems of HelmBot software users who generously opted-in on our reporting system. Their information was anonymized and aggregated, and shows verified data from operating float centers.

From the 2021 Industry Survey, we received a total of 80 responses, including data from 18 Helmbot software users.

From the 2022 Industry Survey, we received a total of 271 responses, including data from 75 Helmbot software users.