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Float Center Employee Handbook Template


By clicking “Download Today!” below you acknowledge this handbook is only a template and not a guarantee of legal compliance. It is incumbent upon the organization adopting this template to secure final legal and HR review before implementing this or any handbook.

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Our FTS Employee Handbook is a template document which you can customize and present to new hires. Bringing on a new staff member is not a small thing: not only do you need to train them on the operations of your center, you also need to inform them of all of your company policies and procedures, some of which have serious legal implications.

Our template handbook was created by Float On’s HR Consultant and reviewed by an HR lawyer to make sure that it was federally compliant (in the US). It’s here to make sure that you answer some important questions that you may not even be considering:

  • What is your employee review process?
  • What is your maternity leave policy?
  • Do you provide bereavement leave?
  • How do you determine raises and promotions?
  • What is your confidentiality policy?
  • Do you have proper non-harassment policies in place?

These are just a few of the things that we’ll walk you through as you flesh out your handbook.

Whether you’re just getting started, or you already have staff members at your shop, don’t let ignorance of HR law come back to bite you. Download our free template handbook (in .doc format) and let us lend a hand in preparing, and protecting, yourself and your center.


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