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I usually don’t share the responses I get from our posts, but they always spawn great conversations.
After this last one, I got hit with more emails than usual, and I wanted to share one of them with you which is representative of many of the others.
I’ve been speaking to Ted for almost a year now. He purchased our Business Plan Package in March of 2013, and at the time he was, in his own words, “leaving a relatively secure profession as a pharmacist to succumb to an urge that won’t let me ignore it.”
Getting his most recent email was a delight, and it makes me happy to pass it along. We wait, with so many things in our lives, for everything to line up. It turns out that our dreams often require only a shift in mindset (and a lot of hard, salty, work) to bring to life.


Well written Graham with a pervasive truth. Avery and I spent too much time talking about it before we actually did it (or rather, are doing it).


Build out is moving along and still shooting for March opening (4 tanks, 1 hyperbaric oxygen chamber, tea bar, lounge, book boutique).


Working real hard to avoid borrowing. We want the least possible debt for the best possible chance for success. Our community is already stirring and word is spreading. A great sign!


Thanks for all your info and encouragement.


Graham Talley, Co Founder, Float On