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Float Center Construction Package

Charlie Dobson
“The Construction Packet is one of the best investments I’ve made since deciding to open a float studio. Orchestrating all the unique needs for contractors is as easy as handing them the packet and asking if they have any questions.”
Charlie Dobson
Enso Float

Offering float therapy as a service requires places of such peace and stillness, it’s easy to overlook the amount of sweat and tears that go into creating them.

When you’re starting up, it’s common to think that you’ll be able to toss float tanks into some rooms and you’ll have a float tank business. Certainly, floatation units out there are expensive enough that it seems like they should take care of themselves.

The reality is that most of the burden of sound-proofing, salt-proofing and water-proofing rests mostly on you.

Easy to make construction mistakes will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in labor, materials, and lost revenue.


Wall STC RatingsWe know because we’ve been there. When we were starting up Float On, we didn’t realize exactly how destructive salt is, or how much detail goes into good build-out, and we’ve spent the last 9 years paying for it – literally. It’s cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars to close down for tearing out our original work and putting in new upgrades to the center.

Most recently, in mid-2016, we spent over a month and a half in renovations, refurbishing our two oldest rooms and finally bringing our center up to where it should have been when we first opened. This project alone cost us over $50,000 in lost revenue, not including the cost of construction (which was over $80,000).

It’s more expensive to fix things than it is to get them right in the first place.


Construction PackageOur Construction Package is created, not only from our own experiences, but from years of consulting with new float centers opening up all over the world.

We’ve worked closely with contractors, and our 180 page guide has been reviewed by master electricians, plumbers, and other trade experts.

Order it today, and if you really don’t think it gives you considerably more value than what you spend on it, please, take advantage of our 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee (but we don’t think that you will).



Aaron Douglas
“The Float Construction Packet continues to be one of the best resources I’ve had going through the design and construction of A Place To Float. The time, miscommunication and money saved by having this resource was incredible. If you intend to build out a proper float center, I highly recommend investing in this manual.”
Aaron Douglas
A Place to Float

Included in the Construction Package…

The Construction Package contains step-by-step guides on all parts of properly building out a float business – from concept to completion. It covers initial concerns about locations and contractors, through breaking ground, and on to specific details on building out your soundproof & salt-proof rooms.

You’ll learn about proper planning, you’ll know what materials to choose from, and you’ll have have a thorough guide on hand for the lengthy and detail oriented process of working with your builders as they build out your space.

Here are the main sections the construction package covers, in its over 180 pages:

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13 Points of Comparison.

Planning & Preparation

  • Location Concerns
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Layout of Your Space
  • Choosing Contractors
  • Permits
  • ADA Requirements

Building & Construction

  • Soundproofing
  • Room Construction
  • Waterproofing
  • Flooring
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Environmental Controls
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  • Contractor Cheatsheets
  • High level content you can hand to your electrician, your plumber, your HVAC or flooring crew, etc. to catch them quickly up to speed on the specifics of float center construction.

  • Actionable Checklists
  • Everything you need to do, for every chapter, laid out in 1-2 pages. Designed to keep you on track and ensure you don’t miss anything essential.

  • Samples of Materials
  • We’ll mail you physical samples of the materials we talk about in the packet, so you don’t need to rely on photos or websites for your final decisions.

  • Digital & Physical Copies
  • When you purchase your Construction Packet, you’ll get digital copies of the materials immediately,
    and physical copies arriving by mail shortly after.

“I have found the Construction Packet to be an invaluable resource. It has saved a lot of headaches, and whenever I and/or my contractor has had questions, the construction packet was the first place I would look.”
Zane Ritter
Float Horizen

If this guide helps you avoid a single mistake, it will more than pay for itself.

And our construction package is going to prevent much more than a single mistake – you’ll avoid dozens of problems and countless late nights scrambling to fix emergencies.

sound-proofing-lobby-walls_studs1Talk to absolutely any float center that has been open for longer than 2 years, and they’ll tell you the importance of thorough and proper construction. If you take one thing away from reading this web page, know that you need to do your research before building out your center. It can be with us, or you can try to piece it together from other sources, but definitely don’t dive into this unprepared.

With our Construction Package, we’ve done your research for you, and we hope that you take advantage of it.

Order it today. Reading it through, you’ll realize some big mistakes that you were potentially walking into, and you’ll be grateful that you decided to stand on the shoulders of experts who have already gone through the process. And if you truly don’t see the value in it after having your hands on it, take advantage of our 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

Mikell Rush
“Couldn’t imagine not buying the Construction Packet. It was very detailed, and helped me communicate the necessities and importance of opening a float center to my general contractor. Thanks again Float Tank Solutions!!”
Mikell Rush
Buoyant, LLC

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