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About Buoy Project Membership


When do future campaigns get released?
We will send out an email on the 5th of every month, which will be your first opportunity to download that month’s campaign. You can also log into your account anytime after the 5th and download the file titled Buoy Project Current Campaign, which we will keep updated with the most recent files.


When will I be billed?
You will be billed on the same date of each month – whatever date you made your first payment. If you need to change the billing date for your membership, reach out to us anytime and we’d be happy to help.


How do I update my payment method?
You can update your payment method by logging into your account and navigating your way to the Payment Methods section. Once you input the updated payment information, let us know and we can get the subscription switched over to the new method.


Using Buoy Project Materials


How do I access the monthly content files?
Buoy Project campaigns will be sent to you in a .zip format, a common file type which helps to save space and make downloads quicker. Once you download the files, you will need an unzipping (or decompression) program to access the files. You may have one installed on your computer already, but if not, a quick search for “decompression software” should do the trick. 

How do I access old campaigns?
All yearly subscribers get access to the full backlog of Buoy Project Campaigns including the initial archive. Yearly members can download this at any time by logging into your account and downloading the file titled Buoy Project Archive, which also includes the current campaign, as well as the most up to date archive.

Monthly members can download the months they’ve paid for by logging into your account and downloading them there or reaching out directly to receive an individual download link.


Are there any limits to how I can use the content?
You are welcome to use the materials provided to market your floatation business in the forms we suggest — as social media posts, blogs, or as a newsletter. Additionally, you can make alterations or changes to any of the content as you see fit, including adding your logo and branding.
These materials are meant specifically for marketing purposes, and not merchandising. If you’re interested in using any of the provided materials for merchandising, please reach out and we can discuss getting a credit and appropriate commission to any artists involved.
If you have any specific use in mind not covered here, please reach out and we’d be happy to discuss things with you.


How do I properly post blogs on my site?
(a.k.a. what the heck is a canonical tag):
**If you will be linking over to the blogs that are hosted on our Float Tank Solutions site, feel free to skip this section.**

If you will be posting the blogs from The Buoy Project onto your own website, you will need to use what’s called a canonical tag. This tag lets search engines know that the original source for the content can be found on our Float Tank Solutions site.

There will be a new canonical tag for each blog post, it can be found at the top of the .docx document for that blog.

Here are the Instructions for how to put a canonical tag on your site for the most common website set-ups we see:

reach out and we can offer some specific assistance.


Supplemental Software for Buoy Memberships


What should I use to schedule my social media content?
Note: there are MANY of these available, and they all function fairly similarly to one another, so we’ve just included three of the most popular here. These tools can be used to help you plan out your social media posts in advance, and they offer some additional perks like content analysis and reporting. 


Are there other tools that you recommend?

  • Giphy – App designed to help you post gifs to Instagram. If you want to post .gifs to Instagram, you will need to use this app. It is available both on the phone and desktop. 
  • Boomerang (Apple, Android)– Allows you to create mini-videos from a series of images, and post those to Instagram. Instead of a standard loop which restarts at the beginning, however, these mini-videos rewind themselves, then start again. 
  • Hyperlapse – Another Instagram helper, this time designed to turn videos into “hyperlapses” which are essentially the original video, but sped up by some degree.  The Instagram-official one is only available on iOS for now, there is a Microsoft Hyperlapse which is available for Android users.


How can I add calls to action to links?
These are tools you can use to have calls to action to book floats with you even if you’re linking to something off of your own site (for example, linking to a news article, or linking to a Buoy blog on the Float Tank Solutions website instead of your own). This means that any time a reader might be convinced by that article or blog that they could use a float, your booking link is present and available on that same page. 


What should I use to send emails and newsletters?
Note: similar to the point about Social media Schedulers made above, there are MANY tools you can use to manage your email list, and send out newsletters. We’ve included 3 of the most popular options here.


Don’t see your question here?

Reach out to us at info@floattanksolutions.com.