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“In the province of the mind, there are no limits.”
– John Lilly, Center of the Cyclone

coc-cover-2017-launch-previewCoincidence Control Publishing is pleased to announce the updated publishing of John C. Lilly’s Center of the Cyclone. Written by a researcher whose methods of self inquiry and exploration were before his time, this 45th anniversary edition, released on Lilly’s birthday, has been beautifully formatted, fixing some errors and typos going all the way back to the first printing. You can buy the book now on Amazon.

Center of the Cyclone is Lilly’s most well known book and his first mainstream work, setting the tone for his dual career as scientist and explorer of human consciousness. In intimate detail, Lilly tells the story of how he left mainstream science to become an explorer of the “far out places” of the human mind. Using his own brain as a laboratory, and utilizing every method of consciousness alteration at his disposal –including LSD, isolation tanks, and zany new age encounter groups — Lilly takes us on his decades-long quest to discover the true nature of consciousness and reality, overturning many of his own assumptions and those of mainstream science along the way. This 45th Anniversary edition has new Afterwords by Lilly’s friends and colleagues, Lee Perry and Adam Trombly.

coc_dolphin-readingThe New York Times called John Lilly “a gifted explorer,” and Psychology today noted that he is “a rare combination of scientist and mystic who helps the rest of us break out of the petty orthodoxies that obscure the riches of life from womb to tomb.”

Whether you are in the float community or just a human with consciousness, we hope that you grab the anniversary edition of the book today!

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