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At True REST we are in our second float center build out and really put a lot of emphasis and thought on the post float interaction and environment.

The flow of our Spa is very tranquil and psychologically brings you down each step further into the Spa you get. We start off with a nice lobby with a built in fish tank and no florescent lighting. 

You then go into our Oasis room. This is a big open room with as few doors as possible and really opens up the space. Once you go down the hallway you are lead into the Pod Hallway. This hallway is illuminated with blue lighting and giant orange salt lamps. This is a very tranquil space…Ok… so you Float and get out. This is where is gets interesting. 

After leaving the Pod area their is freshly brewed tea waiting for you and an oxygen bar. We have 4 comfy chair arranged in a circle and it’s the perfect place to hang out with friends or meet new friends. At times, we have customers chat about Floating for hours after their float. We also have a movie room for people either before or after the Float. The general idea of the Spa is that while you are there, it is your “home”. This is your place to hang out and feel comfortable in.

Nick Janicki, Founder / Owner of True REST Float Spa and Float Pod Therapies, Tempe, AZ