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A few common questions we’ve received on The Float Tour are variations of the following:

What’s the state of the industry?

Are most float centers doing well?

How many places are struggling, or shutting down?

The answer, fortunately (for both floatation and for our dinner conversations), is that the industry as a whole is thriving. Almost everywhere we’ve visited is doing great. Centers that have been around for awhile have told us that their attendance has been growing, and especially over the last couple years there’s been a noticeable rise in people coming in to float. Seldom do we hear anything else, and less than a handful of float centers are actively going out of business.

Of the centers we know that have shut down in the past, or are moving towards closing their doors, it’s very common that they’re single tank centers. Other, larger centers we know of closing down (usually within the first two years of operation) are almost always a result of the owners being distant and unengaged in the overall operations of the business. Some people seem to have been excited about opening a center at some point, and then just want it to run itself – I’m not sure if there are any small businesses where that’s possible, but a float center certainly isn’t one of them.

For centers, it can be hard to turn a profit or generate strong word-of-mouth without the economy of scale that comes with being able to run a higher quantity of floats. For mismanaged centers, it’s just such a demanding task to open and run a float center, especially in the early years, that if you are unable to stay passionate, driven, and focused about what you’re doing, it simply isn’t going to succeed.

There are, however, starting to be a few centers that fit into a different category:

Successful float tank centers that are up for sale!

On our journey we found at least two owners who are actively looking to sell their float tank centers, and in both cases the centers are doing well. Life often calls us in different directions than we expect. Sometimes you have a nationally syndicated radio show that’s exploding and suddenly demanding attention (like Bernadette from Adrift, in Dallas). Sometimes, after much floating and introspection, you’ve decided that you need to spend more time with your family.

In case you’re in the market for a pre-established business, without all the trials and tribulations of starting from scratch, here’s information on the two centers that are, for the moment, available to swoop in on:

Adrift – Dallas, TX


Adrift Float Spa in Dallas, TX is one of the most lovely places to float, not just in Texas, but in the entire US. Their mission is to give customers a place they receive genuine kindness and comfort that touches their hearts and changes their lives, one float at a time.

They are located in the heart of Preston Hollow in Dallas’ prestigious Preston Center shopping center, on the southwest corner of Preston Road and Berkshire Lane (one light south of Northwest Highway on Preston Road). Their spa includes four large Floataway float rooms, four massage chairs, separate changing rooms for men and women, and a beautifully furnished lobby.

During its 5+ years of operation, Adrift has collected a large and devoted group of floaters. The owner, Bernadette Fiaschetti, has been spending more and more time on her show, One Life Radio, which is nationally syndicated and likely broadcast on a radio station in your area.


Bernadette Fiaschetti

West Coast Float – Whistler, BC

west coast float for sale

West Coast Float is an established float center located in the heart of Whistler Village, in British Columbia, Canada.  Whistler is North America’s #1 ski resort and is located 90 minutes from the city of Vancouver. Their 1647 sq. ft. space is beautiful & welcoming.  

They have 3 float rooms with 2 Tranquility Float Pods & 1 Float Cabin , manufactured by Floataway. Additionally there is an Esthetics Room plus a Wellness Room that is rented to other health care practitioners (such as physio / massage / chiropractic). The Wellness Room is fully plumbed and can quickly be converted into a 4th float room. Sales include all equipment.

This is a turnkey business, and owners, Louise & Bob, are available to provide training and assistance with the transition. There is excellent walk-by traffic, and as an added bonus, it is 5 Star Rated on Trip Advisor.

Caution: Living the Whistler lifestyle may induce joy & happiness.

Watch a Tour of West Coast Floats Here