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Today, I’d like to talk to you about nothing. But first I suppose I should introduce myself.

My name is Ashkahn, and I’m one of the co-founders of Float On. I’ve spent the last 2 years of my life entirely devoted to these magical boxes we’ve all discovered, and through that time I’ve seen the full spectrum of humankind walk through our doors to see for themselves what this whole floating thing is all about.

Some come in well informed and eager to hop in. Many come in excited, but unsure exactly what they’re getting themselves into. Yet everyone, whether they are conscious of it or not, seems to have a feeling deep inside of them that is inexplicably drawn toward this idea of pure nothingness, like a long forgotten memory suddenly stirred.

To actively do nothing is a concept generally disregarded by our society. By our current definitions of worth and productivity, to simply do nothing is a sin. Yet where our rational brains fall short, our bodies know better.

As we’ve all seen, even a single float session can seem to enliven the appreciation and respect for the great value of nothingness. Relaxation and pain relief, mental clarity and inner peace, these effects are not easily ignored as we re-enter this world of stuff. Our bodies utilize this environment, and its benefits are evident in the deep satisfaction we feel as we sink down into our tanks.

It’s truly amazing to me how after a lifetime of constant stimulation, an hour and a half of nothingness can bring an incredible amount of balance to the equation. We really do have in our hands an equalizer. A counterpoint to the entire rest of people’s waking reality. We are the gatekeepers of a potent tool, not just of passing comfort to people’s lives, but of great importance to their health and well being.

When I think about the past, present, and future of the float industry, I feel a great sense of relief. Of permanence. A sense that we are playing a role in this world that simply cannot be forgotten. Technologies will change, awareness will rise and fall, our methods and practices will evolve with the world around us, yet at its core, what we are providing is a pure and essential element of the universe. Nothing. And nothing is something I can believe in.

Ashkahn Jahromi, Co-Founder, Float On, Portland, OR