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My life is focused around balance. This is the key to everything I do; A balance between cosmic vows of spirituality, family, and the business with the scales constantly being tipped back and forth on the scale.To understand why I am involved in the Flotation Industry it’s important to understand how and why I started.

In high school and University I distracted myself with past-times; things like countless hours of video games, partying and wasting great amounts of time. By the time I was 20 I was getting very bored of life in general and began seeking out the Tao, the Fa or the Way. The rat race of it all and the repetition of the commodity based “life”; make money, spend money, repeat was not appealing to me.  I read everything I could about the subject of cultivation, energy fields, supernatural powers, ORMUS, Reiki, etc etc. I immersed myself fully into the Meta Physical community with a naive enthusiasm, but remained grounded at the same time.

I then began learning about QiGong and Meditation and read the books Falun Gong and Zhuan Falun.

Everything I had been seeking and studying suddenly were clearly explained in these books and my path became more solidified.  In 2001 and 2002 I began to get highly involved in spreading the word about Falun Dafa and the persecution against the practice in Mainland China and its 100 Million practitioners. Now there about several thousand confirmed cases of torture to death and forced involuntary organ harvesting of tens of thousands. My life become focused heavily on moral ascension and appealing to the inherent goodness in peoples’ hearts.

I began to get involved in entrepreneur endeavors in college and although they were not successful financially it set the groundwork for what was to come. After college I moved to Arizona and got involved in Business Analyst position and Project Management positions. My balance at this point shifted towards making money and having a stable job. After a few years of this I really sought out something that had a different impact on creating goodness in the world and could truly help people. I also wanted a more flexible schedule and did not want to be chained to a desk or a computer screen.

I found out about Flotation through various video online media, including the Joe Rogan videos, and my wife and I sought out a Center to try this interesting therapy. It took us a few months to find a place a few hours away. After trying it we both felt invigorated and deeply at peace, much like a very good deep meditation. Food tasted better and my senses were greatly attuned to the outside world. I thought, Whoa… why isn’t this everywhere?

After researching the market in the US, Asia and Europe I wrote an extensive 40 page business plan. Through our own investments, family and friends we were able to raise close to $250,000 initially and have needed some money along the way for cash flow, all of this without any loans from banks. I also quit my high paying job with benefits a few weeks before we opened, a giant leap of faith. This time period was one of the most stress inducing periods in my life. We entered the black from an operation standpoint within only a few months and hired a full time team 8 months in. I won’t get into detailsin this post, but that is the general picture.

We now work on the business and oversee daily operations, but are much more focused on licensing our business model and coming up with a total product line. We plan on having three to four main products with both residential and commercial versions.

The Float industry is virtually untapped from the standpoint of exposure to the general population. Flotation is becoming more and more acceptable to the mainstream and is directly in-line with more people seeking a greater balance in their life, alternative options for pain relief and overall relaxation and stress relief. Our goals moving forward are to grow the business model and expose as many people to Floating as possible, but at the same time create a process and system that other entrepreneurs’ can use to open their own centers.

On a personal note, I am still balancing all that needs to be done in daily life and am involved in several non profit organizations. Some bring Art events into Phoenix and the biggest commitment is Shen Yun performing arts, a world-class show touring over 300 cities per year with 90 performers and a live orchestra. This takes about 20 hours per week a few months out to 40 hours per week nearing the performance date. This would be fundamentally impossible with a lot of flexibility. I am on the board of directors of The Arizona Interfaith Movement; bridging the gap between religions and building bridges of compassion and am also president elect for our local Rotary club; helping eradicate diseases worldwide and helping with community based efforts locally.

Balance is the key and will continue to be the key while simultaneously keeping a high moral value as an example for all those I interact with. My vow is to truly be a better man, day after day, and while I don’t always succeed in every interaction I will continue to scrutinize myself and improve when my shortcomings are found.

Nick Janicki, Founder / Owner of True REST Float Spa and Float Pod Therapies, Tempe, AZ