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I don’t have a lot to offer on this subject, as it has been a long time since I have operated a float center….
But, ‘back in the day’, it was rather simple: it was really up to the customer/floater how they wanted to be treated, post-float.
Some customers wanted to share and discuss their experience, many customers would quietly bow or wave and walk out of building, wanting to maintain the peaceful/quiet/internal/non-verbal energy of the float…
If there were other 1st time floaters waiting to go float, seeing or hearing the positive experience of those leaving would very effectively calm them re their forthcoming float…
The key is to offer them the same level of sensitivity, compassion, time, attention, and support as before and during their float.
I am reminded of a reading from an Ascended Master that was shared with me, a couple of years after I opened my Oasis Center in Houston…
It was originally given to someone who operated a float center in Austin Texas, who shared it with me:
This center reads to us vibrationally 
and energetically as a space 
that is invested with the energy 
of oasis. In other words, it is an oasis 
for tender loving kindness and mercy 
to be found within one’s heart and 
one’s self. We feel it is a safe haven 
to go into the deepest levels of being 
to find simplicity and love. 
It is a place to make an opening of mind 
that corresponds to the 
deepest expansion of the heart.
Floating is a sacred experience, of the deepest, most profound opportunity for one to reconnect to the deepest, most profound parts and energies of themselves, and to live that and share that in the bigger world…
It was always greatly humbling, and so personally satisfying for me to see people [‘customers’] open and soften and profoundly transform themselves, even in their first floats, and to watch them do so in  their continued floating sessions…
My wish for my Center and ‘customers’ was that it be a safe space for their healing, the safety of their self-exploration, and our direct and expanding joy…
I have been blessed to do work I love, that serves me and my fellow human beings, and hope that as floating expands in the world, as it is doing so in an amazingly fast and wide way everyday now, that it remains dedicated to serving and healing the widest human community possible…