Learn best practices for starting and running a float center:
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I think everyone should do what feels right for them. But I have a strong preference for slow. People who are able to start small have such an advantage over someone who has to learn everything so fast. We happened to start with one and then two tanks in our home for 4 years before we opened our 5 tank center. By then we knew a lot. We knew to put the showers directly in front of the tank. We knew how to give an orientation that supported the floater. And we knew how to be with the floater after they came out. It seems that someone who has to learn so fast, perhaps doesn’t have the time to pay attention to everything and may let bad habits remain since they are too busy to notice.

And since I think, floating, floating, and floating are the three most important things a float center owner can do to prepare for the business, starting small supports that.

Glenn Perry, Owner, Samadhi Tank Co., Grass Valley, CA