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All good floats must come to an end…

As a float center owner, you’ll have the ability to offer periods of intense isolation and quiet to your customers. That being said, we’ve received many questions about the best (and least disruptive) way of bringing your customer’s period of quiet to its’ unavoidable end.

This is where transducers come in handy.

transducers in float tanks

Transducers are speaker systems which are able to transmit sound waves underwater, and they have found a very interesting set of uses in the float tank environment. Transducers use whatever they are attached to as the body of the speaker, and simply installing them onto the fiberglass shell of the tank gives you excellent resonation and great sound quality inside the tank.

tranducers as speakers

Many float centers take advantage of transducer systems for their customers, whether it be to slowly fade in music to cue the end of a float session, offer positive reinforcement messaging to their customers, or even as a way to offer somewhat subliminal or hypnotic suggestion to those in the tank.

Regardless of how you and your customers decide to take advantage of them, transducers are extremely practical for use in the float tank. They offer a way to breach the isolation without invading the space of your customers or jarring them with a knock on the door at the end of their float.

how transducers work in float tanks

Most transducers used in the float environment are self contained units which can be installed without drilling any unsightly and inconvenient holes into the fiberglass shell or walls of the float tank, meaning they maintain the integrity of the tank while allowing music or other forms of audio to be piped in.

If you’re looking into upgrading or replacing your transducers, or if you’d like to add music into a tank with no speaker options, transducers are for you.

It may not surprise you to hear you’ll be looking at waterproof transducers. They aren’t particularly difficult to find, as our nautical neighbors enjoy some nice music out on the water as well (on their boats and the like)–so there are a few waterproof transducer options available.

RockTheBoatMarineStereo.com is an established retailer or marine audio equipment (transducers included), and the up-and-coming floatationaudio.com offers options more tailored to floatation therapy uses in particular.

If you have any questions or comments about transducers, or any specific questions about float tanks or floatation therapy, feel free to contact us via phone or email. We’re happy to help!