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Why do you float?

If you ask that question, you’ll receive a number of answers ranging from pain relief, mental clarity, psychonautic exploration, and more.

When you’re trying to explain the benefits of floating to someone it’s difficult to avoid sounding like you’re selling snake oil while you’re listing the plethora of reasons.

One of the best ways to tell someone the benefits of floating is through stories and testimonials from others who have floated. To make gathering these powerful stories even easier, the teams over at Float House & True Rest have joined forces and created an industry wide social media campaign called #WhyWeFloat.


How to Participate as a Float Tank Center

Encourage your customers to share their stories on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube using the hashtag (#WhyWeFloat). One lucky floater from either the USA or Canada will win a trip for 2 to Kauai, Hawaii!

If you want to see a running collections of stories, you can also visit WhyWeFloat.com or search the hashtag #WhyWeFloat from your preferred social media channel.

When you find a story that resonates with you, share, retweet, and/or promote the stories you want your audience to see as examples of what floatation can do for them (just be sure to credit the original creator of the story).

If you want your center to participate in this campaign, email Andy Zaremba: andy@floathouse.ca and he’ll send you the materials you need to get started.

How to Participate as a Floater

Next time you’re getting ready to float (or just thinking about floating), take a quick pic of the tank or something meaningful and share a quick story of why you like to float. Be sure to include the hashtag #WhyWeFloat at the end of your post.

If you want to add a level of personalization to your story, shoot a quick 1-2 minute video, post it on YouTube, and put #WhyWeFloat in the title. You can also get more value out of this one action if you take the video and share it on Facebook & Twitter.

Yup… you guessed it, use #WhyWeFloat when you’re posting there as well.

We agree that the more people talking about floating, the quicker the interest in floating will grow, and eventually there will be more people floating.

So let’s share in the #WhyWeFloat movement…

Tell everyone why a community of people is promoting isolation 😉