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“The bargain-of-the-century for anyone considering opening a float center. I highly recommend it!”
– David Brickman

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Float Center Business Plan Package

Our Business Plan has gone through years of testing and revision. It has been successfully used, time and again, to obtain funding for centers that are now up and running. The numbers in this business plan are…

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Step-by-Step Marketing Package


Even though floating is amazing, marketing the tanks can be difficult. This packet compiles all of the fundamental and innovative marketing strategies that have gone into filling the tanks at Float On since we opened. We’re currently running over 1,300 floats a month, and you can learn…

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In-Person Apprenticeship 

We offer training sessions which help to get your float center up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible, and make sure that you have a solid understanding of everything necessary to run a successful center.
Our training sessions offer invaluable hands on experience at our own float center, Float On, now the largest float center in the nation, located in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

Join us for our next in-person apprenticeship program.

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Online Apprenticeship


float center online apprenticeship
In over 10 hours of online courses, Graham, Ashkahn, and Jake from Float On guide you through the process of starting your float tank center and building up your customers & members. From lease negotiation, to construction, to marketing, to revenue and expense projections – our course takes you from your early plans through opening day and beyond.

Learn at your own pace from the comfort of your computer, enroll in our online courses.

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Float Center Consulting

Salt water leaks, electric current in ungrounded water, slippery floors, sound pollution, light pollution, imprecise or dangerous chemistry, misinformed sanitation, murky water, impurities in your epsom salt, improper water filtration…there is a lot that goes wrong with float tanks.

We’ve seen every sensory deprivation disaster you can imagine (most of them first hand).

If you run into a problem with your float center, we may hold the solution.

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Gut your space before construction!

Gut your space before construction!

One line we don’t think you should cross is this: as much as possible, when building out your float center, gut it completely. Start from scratch.

At least then the mistakes you make are your own and your building will hold fewer surprises down the line. There are many benefits that you may not think of immediately. In this post, we’ll guide you through some of them.

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The Most Ambitious Float On Project Yet

The Most Ambitious Float On Project Yet

We have a new endeavor that we’ve been working on in private for awhile now, and we think that it’s going to make a big splash in our salty little industry. After many years of testing behind closed doors, we’re finally ready to take the plunge and release our secret project to you, the floatation community.

You might want to sit down for this one….

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The Start-a-Center Giveaway Returns!

The Start-a-Center Giveaway Returns!

Everyone knows that, when it comes to gifts, it’s much more fun to give than to receive. With this year’s Start-a-Center Giveaway, however, I’m not so sure anymore. With over $13,000 in Float Tank Solutions products going to one lucky duck (plus $4,000 worth of goodies from other float industry homies), we humbly suggest that we may have finally tipped the scales in favor of the recipient.

If you’re Charlie, this Giveaway is the Golden Ticket, which I guess makes the Construction Package a Wonka bar and the Ninja Fans are the Fizzy Lifting Drink. So, what do you have to do for a chance at all the Everlasting Gobstoppers?

It’s been three years since our last Giveaway, and we thought that it was long overdue for another one. So, what’s the dealio? The Giveaway is a chance to give a big ol’ boost to a deserving Float-Center-To-Be. This time around, we’re taking things to a whole new level, with over three times the value of products and services being given away. To you. For free.

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Dear Everyone: Please reconsider building your own tanks

Dear Everyone: Please reconsider building your own tanks

Look, we get it. Really. Float tanks are expensive – especially for what can seem, from the outside, like a glorified bathtub with spa parts attached. It doesn’t take long to go from, “Why is this so expensive?” to “I’ll bet I could save money by making my own tank!” After you start mulling it over, you get excited. You could be offering something no one else does right now… because it’d be your own creation! How hard can it possibly be?

As experts in only thinking about half of the consequences of our actions (at best), we’d like to say, “Incredibly hard, actually!”

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