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Float Tank Solutions is designed to offer complete resources for members of the float tank industry, whether you’re just getting started or have been running a center for decades.

Our goal is simple: find the biggest obstacles faced by the Float Tank Industry and make them go away.

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We’re the team over at Float On in Portland, Oregon. If you have any questions about starting or running a float tank center, contact us here.

Float Center Business Plan

Float Center Business Plan

“The bargain-of-the-century for anyone considering opening a float center. I highly recommend it!”
– David Brickman

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How to Start a Float Center Basics

The Basics to Starting a Float Tank Center

Before you begin building and planning a floatation center, start with the basics.

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Float Center Business Plan Package

Complete Float Center Business Plan

Opening a float tank center wasn’t easy, though, and we still get several calls a week from people who are hitting the same obstacles we encountered back when we were trying to get off the ground in our odd niche of an industry…

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Step-by-Step Marketing Package


We design all of our marketing materials specifically for the float tank industry, and have seen great success creating new strategies for use in marketing float tanks, floatation therapy, and float centers. This packet compiles all of the innovative marketing strategies that made our center the largest in the nation, and a pillar of the float tank community, in a mere year and a half…

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Float Center Consulting

Salt water leaks, electric current in ungrounded water, slippery floors, sound pollution, light pollution, imprecise or dangerous chemistry, misinformed sanitation, murky water, impurities in your epsom salt, improper water filtration…there is a lot that goes wrong with float tanks.

We’ve seen every sensory deprivation disaster you can imagine (most of them first hand).

If you run into a problem running or planning your float center, we may hold the solution.

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Apprenticeship Program

We offer training sessions which help to get your float center up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible, and make sure that you have a solid understanding of everything necessary to run a successful center.
Our training sessions offer invaluable hands on experience at our own float center, Float On, now the largest float center in the nation, located in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

Join us for our next apprenticeship program.

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Latest Blog Articles

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We’ve written on a large number of topics about opening / running a float tank center… BUT we want to make sure your questions are getting answered. Use this form to send us blog topics to write about.

What Time of Year Is Ideal to Open Your Float Center?

Like most businesses, a float center will experience seasonal slumps. Be sure you’re planning to open your center at a peak time of the year. Find out the pros and cons of opening a float tank center during different times of the year.

What Happens When You Give Out 700 Free Floats?

We’re all about giving out free float sessions as a marketing strategy. However, when you give out 700 floats, there can be some concerns. Find out what happens when we set out to make Float On one of “The Top Things to do When Visiting Portland.”

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