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Float Center Business Plan

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“The bargain-of-the-century for anyone considering opening a float center. I highly recommend it!”
– David Brickman, Body Mind

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Float Center Construction Packet

Our Construction Package is created, not only from our own experiences, but from years of consulting with new float centers opening up all over the world. Our 180 page guide has been reviewed by master plumbers…

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Float Center Business Plan Package

Our Business Plan has gone through years of testing and revision. It has been successfully used, time and again, to obtain funding for centers that are now up and running. The numbers in this business plan are…

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In-Person Apprenticeship 

We offer training sessions which help to get your float center up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible, and make sure that you have a solid understanding of everything necessary to run a successful center.
Our training sessions offer invaluable hands on experience at our own float center, Float On, now the largest float center in the nation, located in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

Join us for our next in-person apprenticeship program.

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Online Apprenticeship


float center online apprenticeship
In over 10 hours of online courses, Graham, Ashkahn, and Jake from Float On guide you through the process of starting your float tank center and building up your customers & members. From lease negotiation, to construction, to marketing, to revenue and expense projections – our course takes you from your early plans through opening day and beyond.

Learn at your own pace from the comfort of your computer, enroll in our online courses.

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Float Center Consulting

Salt water leaks, electric current in ungrounded water, slippery floors, sound pollution, light pollution, imprecise or dangerous chemistry, misinformed sanitation, murky water, impurities in your epsom salt, improper water filtration…there is a lot that goes wrong with float tanks.

We’ve seen every sensory deprivation disaster you can imagine (most of them first hand).

If you run into a problem with your float center, we may hold the solution.

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The Daily Solutions Podcast – Our Top 5 Episodes from December

The Daily Solutions Podcast – Our Top 5 Episodes from December

Since a new episode is released, every day, we thought we should do a roundup of some the top episodes so far to keep you from missing out on important topics in the floatation community.

Behold the creme de la creme of podcastery, if you will. Here they are, in chronological order

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A New Year, a New Research List

A New Year, a New Research List

When we first released the floatation research list back in 2011, it was as close to a comprehensive list as we could create. It was put together in an effort to illustrate that sensory isolation was a thoroughly studied practice and there was scientific evidence for the health claims we were making.

Many float centers adopted this list for their own uses and put it on their sites, spreading the information and making it more available. 

In this post, you’ll learn about the updates made to our float research list.

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How to compete on price without slashing prices

How to compete on price without slashing prices

Let’s say you’re a float tank center and more centers are starting to show up in your town…

Or, maybe you are that other center starting up a town that already has float tanks…

As new centers enter the market, the typical response is to run promotions on daily deal sites, promote large specials, and/or run Facebook Ads selling floats for much less than the usual offerings.

The best case scenario is this price slashing behavior subsides shortly after the neighboring center opens.

But what if it doesn’t? What if an existing competitor decides their new price is even lower?

How do you compete with a price slashing neighbor without competing on price?

Learn a few ways to make price a non issue with your customers…

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