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“The bargain-of-the-century for anyone considering opening a float center. I highly recommend it!” – David Brickman

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Float Center Business Plan Package

Opening a float tank center wasn’t easy, though, and we still get several calls a week from people who are hitting the same obstacles we encountered back when we were trying to get off the ground in our odd niche of an industry…

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Step-by-Step Marketing Package


We design all of our marketing materials specifically for the float tank industry, and have seen great success creating new strategies for use in marketing float tanks, floatation therapy, and float centers. This packet compiles all of the innovative marketing strategies that made our center the largest in the nation, and a pillar of the float tank community, in a mere year and a half…

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Float Center Consulting

Salt water leaks, electric current in ungrounded water, slippery floors, sound pollution, light pollution, imprecise or dangerous chemistry, misinformed sanitation, murky water, impurities in your epsom salt, improper water filtration…there is a lot that goes wrong with float tanks.

We’ve seen every sensory deprivation disaster you can imagine (most of them first hand).

If you run into a problem running or planning your float center, we may hold the solution.

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Apprenticeship Program

We offer training sessions which help to get your float center up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible, and make sure that you have a solid understanding of everything necessary to run a successful center.
Our training sessions offer invaluable hands on experience at our own float center, Float On, now the largest float center in the nation, located in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

Join us for our next apprenticeship program.

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Float Memberships and Packages

Float Memberships and Packages

Customers are great, but getting those customers to commit to returning on a regular basis is even better. There are a few different schools of thought in regards to encouraging return customers, but they’ll generally fall into two main categories, Memberships and Packages.

We’re going to provide a little insight into how to utilize each of them at your center.

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Marketing is all About Relationships

Marketing is all About Relationships

Marketing is one of those words that has a lot of different meanings from one person to the next. Personally, I’ve studied marketing in one way or another for the past 20 years. I suppose you can say I’m a marketing nerd (I’ll wear that badge proudly). I even annually budget myself a different marketing conference to go to… for fun.

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Float Quarterly – January 2016

Float Quarterly – January 2016

It’s been our pleasure to be actively involved in the float industry for over five years now. In 2016, we’re already on track to have more new centers opening, more press covering floating, and more resources for people just entering our salty world than ever before.

With so much action, we’ve decided to send out brief, quarterly updates on our industry to keep people posted on the all the latest happenings. Welcome to our first installment!

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