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Greeting float people of the world
start a center giveaway second winner
First of all, I want to thank everyone who entered our Float Tank Solutions Start-a-Center-Giveaway. In total, we received nearly 200 entries, and deciding on a single winner between them was an inevitably difficult process. The plans and dreams that people laid out for their float centers were inspiring, and it’s our hope that each and every one of them comes to fruition.

Before we get to announcing the winner of the giveaway, one of the prizes that they’ll be receiving is our newly launched Float Center Construction Packet.

The Construction Package contains over 200 pages of illustrated, step-by-step instructions on all parts of float center construction. From choosing your location and your contractors, to breaking ground, to building out your soundproof & saltwater-proof rooms, to your grand opening.

build a float tank center construction packet

Read more about the FTS Construction Packet


“The Float Construction Packet continues to be one of the best resources I’ve had.”

  • Aaron Douglas | a Place to Float


“The Construction Packet is one of the best investments I’ve made since deciding to open a float studio.”

  • Charlie Dobson | Enso Float


“I have found the Construction Packet to be an invaluable resource.”

  • Zane Ritter | Float Horizen


“Couldn’t imagine not buying the Construction Packet.”

  • Mikell Rush | Buoyant LLC


I would also like to thank our generous sponsors for contributing to the Giveaway. We chose sponsors whose products we trust, and that we use in our own center. All have formed deep relationships within the industry, or are center owners themselves:

  • San Francisco Salt Co. contributed a full palette of salt to our giveaway. They have been a consistent source of salt for many of us in the float industry for years now.
  • Mandala was kind enough to contribute 4 of their super quiet, 3D printed, badass, ninja fans.
  • Float Ease has quickly becomes the default neck pillow for most float centers around the country. They were kind enough to pitch in 8 of their Halo neck pillows to our contest.


And, without further ado, we’re proud to announce the winners of this year’s Start-a-Center-Giveaway:

Tracy Pafel and Jennie Herb, of Blue Lotus Float Company

Blue Lotus Float Co


You can read a little bit more about their vision for a float center below.

Again, this was not an easy decision, and we offer a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to share their visions with us.

Hopefully see you all soon at the Float Conference in August, and in the meantime, float on!

Graham Talley
and the whole, salty Float Tank Solutions crew

Blue Lotus Start-a-Center Giveaway Vision

The blue lotus represents knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence. Like its namesake, the Blue Lotus Float Co., provides holistic therapies, immersive experiences, coupled with a focus on educating our clients on self-care, its importance, and making it a priority in their lives.

At Blue Lotus Float Co. we want our clients to become immersed in their experience and feel like their visit is a unique event, catered specially for them. We want to go beyond just providing the vessel in which to float, we want to delve deeper and understand “why” people are seeking out our services to facilitate the best possible experience. ‘Maîtri’ is defined as loving kindness of oneself, and with that in mind, we will create a “Maîtri d’ Service” that will gather the “why” from clients so that we can tailor their session accordingly. The reason for their visit will be captured and sent to us when booking, or in response to their appointment confirmation, and opting out is as easy as not responding. Armed with this information, we can customize their experience before, during, and after their session based on our proprietary “Maîtrix of Well-Being” that will guide our service protocols: Stressful day? Prior to their float, we may have the client set their intention to allow them to pause and reflect in preparation for their float. Afterwards, a calming tea or tonic will be offered to maintain their after-float glow longer. It is of utmost importance for us to extend that feeling and care into our client’s everyday lives.

Another major tenet of our business model is educating our clients on the importance of self-care, where again knowledge is a key factor to success. It’s easy to neglect taking care of ourselves when we are busy and overwhelmed, even a small reprieve feels like a luxury. However, not making it a priority can be detrimental to our physical and emotional well-being, so why wait until things fall apart? It’s important that our clients view self-care not as a reward, but as a part of an overall self-care regimen.

Self-care, like floating:

  • Helps to prevent “burnout” and fatigue
  • Reduces debilitating effects of stress
  • Allows you to disconnect and refocus

Ascribing to a new habit and committing to conscious change can be difficult, so to make the transition easier, we will incorporate tools into our website (that is also device compatible) to serve as an accountability partner and assist in managing their self-care. Upon our launch, we will beta test and refine the tools within the site for future development of an iPhone/Android Application. Let’s face it, the majority of us are are tethered to technology, so why not make it work for us? Besides, for any new habit to form, it needs to be easy!

We will include features with proactivity in mind:

  • An embedded form will allow users to input major life events such as presentations, meetings, holidays, exams, games, competitions, and races when a float session before or after may be beneficial.
  • Based on the form entries, we will send notifications as the event nears, prompting the user to make an appointment.
  • ‘Float ASAP’ button is the ultimate ‘easy button’ for floating by finding the next available time and provide booking on the spot.

Blue Lotus Float Company’s main guiding principle is enveloping our clients in a ‘concierge of care’ atmosphere: Our Maîtri’d Service creates an environment conducive to achieving maximum benefit from their experience, while our interactive website provides the convenience and ease necessary in adopting a sustainable self-care practice. None of us are immune to the distraction and busy-ness that pervades, and keeps us from making ourselves a priority in our own lives. However, it is our intention to provide the space for our clients to be able to refocus, live mindfully, and afford them the opportunity to practice maîtri for themselves and ultimately others.

Float Tank Conference