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In 2014 we started gathering answers to a survey that would eventually become the very first State of the Float Industry Report.

We’ve released one every year since, and this year we (once again) have the most contributions that we’ve ever had. In total, 293 existing centers and 223 prospective centers responded to our call to help create the 2018 State of the Float Industry Report.

Based on feedback we received from previous reports, we edited and added on some questions, but the bulk of the report is identical to those from previous years to allow for easy comparison. It has grown over the years, while the 2014 report was 22 pages, this years is more than double that at 57 pages.

One of the major upgrades this year is the separation of float pricing based on region. This year, we included the cost per float in the United States, Canada, and Oceania.

Here are some exciting excerpts from this years report to give you a sneak peek at the information available:

  1. 33% of float centers completed their build-out within 3 months. (page 12)
  2. 45% of float centers opened with staff. (page 24)
  3. The average annual budget for marketing a float center is $12,564. (page 43)

As with every release, the 2018 State of the Float Industry Report is totally free –


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State of the Float Tank Industry Report 2018