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Beginner’s Guides from Everywhere!

Beginner’s Guides from Everywhere!

If you’re not familiar with the Beginner’s Guide, it’s basically our intro brochure at Float On. About 5 years ago now we made the creation files easily available so folks could edit it as they pleased and sent it out to everyone with an open invitation to do with it as they pleased for their own centers. We know most centers don’t have graphic designers on staff so it seemed like a nice way to help others have reliable, easy to access information for their clients and also serve as a way to save them time and money from having to create their own.

The result of this is that years later, dozens and dozens of centers have a version of these brochures, some of them not even realizing where they originated from. Naturally, we’ve taken a copy from all the centers we’ve visited and we thought we’d share some of them with the rest of you.

How to compete on price without slashing prices

How to compete on price without slashing prices

Let’s say you’re a float tank center and more centers are starting to show up in your town…

Or, maybe you are that other center starting up a town that already has float tanks…

As new centers enter the market, the typical response is to run promotions on daily deal sites, promote large specials, and/or run Facebook Ads selling floats for much less than the usual offerings.

The best case scenario is this price slashing behavior subsides shortly after the neighboring center opens.

But what if it doesn’t? What if an existing competitor decides their new price is even lower?

How do you compete with a price slashing neighbor without competing on price?

Learn a few ways to make price a non issue with your customers…