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Daily Solutions Podcast

So, I know that I complain every month about how difficult it is to pick the top 5 each month, but this month it was easy. June was filled with excellent episodes, but there’s a handful of special ones that were just a bit more awesome than the rest (we also blatantly cheated, just look at the first entry). Check them out below.


Social Media Week, episodes 189-195:

During our social media week, Derek W Wyatt (AKA that guy that runs Float On’s Facebook page) joined us to share some basic insights into using social media for float center marketing. Sure, an entire week of episodes is more than five episodes for a top 5 list. However, think of this series as one LONG episode, broken into seven chunks. Each day’s worth of information builds upon the previous.

What are “Good” Social Media Numbers for Float Centers? – DSP 189
How Often Should I Post on my Float Center’s Social Media? – DSP 190
Can you Cross Post to Different Social Media Platforms? – DSP 191
What the Hell is a Facebook Pixel? – DSP 192
Choosing Facebook Ad Options for Float Centers – DSP 193
What’s a Reasonable Amount to Spend on Facebook Ads? – DSP 194
Is it Bad for Float Centers to Always be Running Discounts? – DSP 195

DSP 205 – Floating with Intention

With how much information there is to cover regarding the float industry, it’s rare to hear the guys talk about actually floating. It’s kind of a nice change of pace having them explain what they value about time in the tank.

It’s important to remember that this practice attracts lots of different people for an equal amount of reasons. Ashkahn and Graham are great at being that reminder. In case you need it.

DSP 210 – How do Float Centers Incorporate Massage?

This is a special podcast crossover for your listening pleasure. In this episode, we have Dylan from the Art of the Float Podcast to discuss the ins/outs of having LMTs as contractors vs. employees vs. just allowing them to rent a room.

We’re really grateful that Dylan came on to share his expertise and making sure this episode was informative and fun. Graham and Ashkahn clearly enjoyed making someone else answer the question for once, as they kept addressing the issue from different angles. Dylan may have even convinced them to hire a Float On LMT at some point (probably not).

DSP 211 – Checking in on Float On’s Annual Summer Sale

How many businesses out there share the numbers for the past three years of their annual sale with the rest of the industry on their daily podcast? Just Float On? Well, that must mean that Graham and Ashkahn are pretty cool.

They provide a great insight into Float On’s business philosophy (which they love to share) and take a refreshing stance on transparent business practices.

DSP 213 – What is Chamber REST?

Understanding the differences between Chamber REST and Float REST is such an important thing for anyone who wants to speak with any authority on the benefits of floating. I’ve seen more than a few float center websites that link to research done before float tanks even existed as evidence for the benefits people can expect from floating.

Ashkahn and Graham do such a good job sharing the history of sensory deprivation research as well as the differences in benefits, and they do it in a way to make it entertaining in a Grashkahmn-y sort of way.

Thank you to all our loyal listeners. This podcast is a real pleasure to send out to the industry. If you haven’t already, please subscribe and write us a review wherever you listen to your podcasts. As always, if you have other favorite episodes that you thought should be included, or you wanna share your thoughts on these ones, let me know jt@floathq.com