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Daily Solutions Podcast

If there is a single theme to the episodes this month it’s guest hosts. With all the preparing we did for the Float Conference, Ashkahn didn’t have much time to take his spot on the mic, but we got plenty of great people to fill in. This means that the topics covered varied a lot by specialty as Derek and Jake brought their expertise to bear while jamming with Graham or Ashkahn (when he had the time).

Getting Salty with Speakers: John Turner – DSP 249

Guess who’s coming to podcast? John Turner!

John Turner is one of the original researchers on Floatation REST and one of the founding members of IRIS (International REST Investigation Society). John Turner and Tom Fine worked closely together for years to bring us the first real biofeedback results from subjects in float tanks. This episode sounds much more like a casual conversation between peers than a strictly informational dialogue.

The casual conversation provides a pleasant glimpse into the thought process behind research methodologies, especially for a practice that was basically undiscovered at the time. Absolutely fascinating.

What’s a Marketing Funnel? – DSP 252

If listening to Graham parody Men at Work doesn’t get you in the mood to listen to marketing advice, I don’t know what will.

This is a great episode for anyone trying to understand the fundamentals of marketing, which is something that’s really great for Graham and Derek, since marketing is kinda their thing We all benefit when they geek out, though, so sit back and get ready for their crash course in selling your business!

Our Top 10 Marketing Book Suggestions! – DSP 255

Graham cranks it up a notch with his impressive rap stylings in the intro. Also, what ever happened to the #Kahngone movement? Did anyone ever find him?

Who doesn’t love a top ten list? Especially when it’s more than ten entries long (a common theme at FTS for you loyal readers of our Top 5 blogs). You can tell that Graham and Derek tried really hard to limit themselves to just 5 books each, but both ended up getting carried away and including more recommendations. Their lack of restraint is our gain, though. This is a fantastic compilation of books that really help illustrate a cohesive philosophy behind not just marketing, but communication and the ethics of running a business.

How to Make an ADA Float Room – DSP 258

This is an important topic for all sorts of businesses, because all businesses are required to adhere to accessibility laws. The requirements vary from region to region, and sometimes from business to business.

Jake is a great resource for this episode, not just because of his extensive history in float center construction, but also because he genuinely believes in making effective ADA changes as much as possible for a float center. Thankfully, he and Graham have a lot of tips on how to meet these requirements and what to do in your own build outs.

What to Consider with Plumbing in a New Float Center – DSP 272

Float centers have very specific plumbing demands, so it’s great that we have Jake on our side who can help break down the exact needs and limitations of float center drainage.

Graham and Jake really enjoy breaking down the things that you don’t normally think about when making considerations for things like this. The duo does their darndest to deconstruct this dilemma from multiple diverse and dynamic angles. A fantastically fun find for all your floaty friends and family.

Thank you, everyone, for listening to us throughout the months. These episodes just keep getting better and it’s great to see the response to them. If there are any episodes from this month that you thought deserved a little attention that didn’t get it, or if you’d like to send in your own questions, let us know at floattanksolutions.com/podcast.