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Daily Solutions Podcast

This month has been filled with some amazing episodes! With our run up to the Float Conference, we’ve mixed things up a bit for the podcast. Ashkahn has taken on talking to the speakers at the Conference and giving them an opportunity to speak directly to the industry (which they do every year on the Conference Podcast).

Graham has been bringing on Derek to co-host, which means that July has turned into a month filled with fantastic marketing information. There are so many great marketing episodes, we could’ve made a “Best of” just of marketing episodes this month. Honestly, just check out the marketing related episodes this month, Graham and Derek are having some fantastic, informative, discussions.

On to the highlights!

5½ of the Most Common Construction Mistakes Float Centers Make – DSP 217

This was a huge episode! As we’re painfully aware, there’s not a huge body of information for how to properly build a float center. Even if you make informed decisions, many mistakes won’t be apparent for years down the line. This makes every float center a living experiment.The construction advice Graham and Ashkahn give in this episode is both practical and simple to implement. Most of this is just making sure you get things right on the first try. It’s also definitely an entertaining back and forth between Graham and Ashkahn.

How Do you Incentivize Return Floaters without Memberships or Packages? – DSP 222

Ah, the constant struggle of catching the elusive “return customer” for float centers. There’s a ton of strategies out there to try and improve that, Graham and Ashkahn have tried a lot of them at Float On. These days the focus is around making sure floaters have a great experience.

This episode is a great peek into the philosophy of Float On and how it developed, including some interesting perspectives on common pricing and marketing tactics within the industry through the eyes of Graham and Ashkahn.

The Getting Salty with Speakers Series:

I know we’re cheating again on the whole “Top 5” thing, but seriously. There’s too many good episodes. Getting to hear from the Conference speakers before the big day is such an awesome thing. Having so much access to the leaders in our industry is a great example of what sets floating apart.

Roy Vore is one of the biggest of wigs in the water sanitation worldp; Gloria Morris is one of the badasses of the Midwest float world (seriously, if you don’t know who she is, look her up); James Nestor is a man who gives talks professionally around the world about human’s relationship with water; and Professor Hu is one of the preeminent researchers in the Chinese Float Industry. Really an amazing lineup of speakers.

Getting to have people from all over the world in to sit down and chat is undeniably awesome. Leading up to the Conference we’re definitely going to get to have a few more of these chats too, so keep on the lookout.

Should I Hire a Marketer? – DSP 231

Derek comes back into the studio to chat all things Marketing with Graham while Ashkahn prepares for the Conference.

Graham and Derek talk about the benefits of hiring a marketer as well as some tips on picking one that knows their stuff.

It’s definitely worth checking out the rest of the episodes throughout the week that have Derek on them as well. He and Graham discuss a lot of great marketing topics for float centers.

Talking About the Float Conference! – DSP 234

This is a great episode for anyone that wants as much information for the Conference as possible. It was originally an episode announcing the end of early bird tickets for the Conference, but quickly changed topics as Graham and Ashkahn started discussing what they’re excited about this year (the unofficial drinking game is to take a drink every time Graham mentions the beer bus tour).

For those of you who are still on the fence about going to the Conference (buy tickets at floatconference.com), seriously, just go for it. It’s going to be an amazing experience. It’s also the last year that Float On is hosting the event here in Portland. It’s the end of an era. You don’t want to miss out.

And that wraps up the month. Next month is the Conference, and if I know Graham and Ashkahn (who’s says I don’t?) then it’s going to be another spectacular month of podcasting. There will definitely be more speakers from the Conference, more guest hosts as Ashkahn scrambles to get everything ready this year, and – as usual – an absolute treasure trove of great information.