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Daily Solutions Podcast


We’ve been doing this little podcast for just over a month now, you may have heard us talk non-stop about it, The Daily Solutions Podcast. Since a new episode is released, every day, we thought we should do a roundup of some the top episodes so far to keep you from missing out on important topics in the floatation community. Behold the creme de la creme of podcastery, if you will.

Here they are, in chronological order:


Episode 10 – Offering Holiday Discounts

This early episode really just nailed it!

Think about it, there is a commercially promoted holiday nearly every month. If you’ve ever listened to Graham & Ashkahn speak about discounts, you’ll know that they’re not fans of slashing prices. Let alone having sales because it’s “the holidays.”

However, in episode 10 they talk about which holidays are better in attracting floaters through holding sales and also discuss their general philosophy about not offering too many discounts, ever.


Episode 14 – Setting the Right Temperature

Bob Dylan was rightly called “The voice of a generation” for telling his story, which ended up being the story what life was like in the 60s for so many people. Not dissimilar is Ashkahn in this episode, being the voice of an industry podcast, voicing his frustration at one of the most difficult elements of a float tank session to control.

We also learn the lengths the Float On crew will go to appease customers in the face of impossible odds (fake temperature control stickers, you guys? Really?).


Episode 24 – Productivity Software

Have you ever wondered how these guys could find the time to start up a float center, a publishing company, a consulting company, a record label, create their own scheduling software, AND host an international conference (nevermind this new podcast)? Graham and Ashkahn provided a brief window into how they stay productive by leveraging different software tools.

Aside from getting a window into how chaotic their lives are by needing all this software, it was also fun listening to them talk about something that didn’t directly involve floating. Breaking away from the mold can be fun on occasion.


Episode 28 – Staff Holidays

Our hearts were as warm as our float tanks for this Christmas Day episode. Even at the intro, Graham and Ashkahn killed it with their absolutely impeccable intro song. It was easily the most impressive parody of “Silver Bells” sung for a podcast I’ve ever heard.

Aside from that, this was just a really nice episode to listen to. You can hear the affection in Graham and Ashkahn’s voices while they’re talking about their employees and their customers. It really felt like being with family for the holidays.

Also, we got to learn about their unbridled love of Flag Day, so now we know which holiday to gift them presents.


Episode 31 – Groupon Pros & Cons

If you’ve ever talked to a float center owner about their thoughts on Groupon, they’ve either told you how much they loved it or maybe they had a few less savory words for the company. With a service that is so pervasive throughout our industry, it’s refreshing to hear a well-balanced outline of working with daily deal sites and how it can be used positively as well as some of the practical drawbacks.

No sugar coating and no demonizing, just a broad lens view of how it works and the likely impact on your business.


So that’s the favorites for this past month. Did yours make it on here? Let us know.

…and keep those questions coming at floattanksolutions.com/podcast




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