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Daily Solutions Podcast


We’ve gone through yet another month and Graham and Ashkahn still haven’t split the podcast studio in half with paint and declared a Cold War on each other. Maybe next month. In the meantime, we’ve collected some of the gems from January (heretofore to be known as “Gemuarys”). These are the episodes you definitely shouldn’t miss.

Episode 38 – How Long Does it Take to Open?

This is easily one of the most data-driven answers given so far on the podcast and it deserves some recognition on that front. Graham dives into the Float Tank Solutions Industry Report and helps make sense of the data that gets compiled every year.

This has also been one of the audience’s favorite episodes by far. Getting the most inspiring conversations surrounding timeline to opening. It makes sense, everyone has a story about how long it’s taken them to open.

The cherry on top of everything else was listening to how rough it was for Float On to open on time, which Graham and Ashkahn are still begrudgingly proud of.

Episode 39 – What Does UV do When Paired with H202?

This one is definitely a favorite because of how much it clears up a complicated topic in the industry. It’s a conversation that matters a lot to float centers that don’t want to use chlorine or bromine as their water treatment methods. This typically requires a difficult conversation with health departments and it can feel like an uphill climb if you’re not prepared.

Again we get to see Graham and Ashkahn drop some knowledge. They open this episode by reiterating that this is one of those things that everyone in the industry needs to be able to get right. Thankfully, we’ve got them to help us figure it out.

Episode 42 – How to Gauge Market Interest

This is an absolute must listen to episode! Graham and Ashkahn dish out tons of practical advice for how to gauge interest in floating before starting up. Obviously, this is something you want to demonstrate before you open up as it’s crazy helpful for securing funding. No one wants to invest or loan out to a business that doesn’t have any customers.

The other thing about gauging interest for float centers is that it’s really easy! And Graham and Ashkahn have tips that are both effective and affordable. It’s basically 9 solid minutes of just really practical tips regarding testing the salty waters of opening a float center.

Episode 50 – Accepting Cryptocurrencies (The Bitcoin Episode!)

Go figure that two eccentric entrepreneurs would have strong opinions on cryptocurrencies. The actual answer to this one is deceptively simple, but of course, they talk at length about their personal experiences and the consequences of their decision to accept cryptocurrencies. Float On has accepted Bitcoin for several years, and even had Oregon’s first Bitcoin ATM for a while, which… was interesting.

Learn from the guys what’s one of the favorite aspects of their business and just trying something different. This is something that a lot of people are likely curious and/or worried about, so having the first-hand experience from someone else is really nice.

Episode 63 – What is the Model Aquatic Health Code?

Not every industry has a direct line of communication to the people in the industry who are out there advocating for them, nevermind a podcast providing you direct updates on the state of the industry and regulation.

Ashkahn worked really closely, along with others in the industry, to make sure that the language inside the Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) for float tanks was sensible and practical. He goes from top to bottom thoroughly laying out every aspect of it, what it is, the significance of it, the process it’s gone through, and what to expect in the future about all of this. Easily the most in-depth look of anything they’ve done so far. Graham manages to provide a layman’s perspective on the issue and gets some good japes in, which was equally impressive. 

And there you have it. The cream of the Gemuarys of the Daily Solutions Podcast. Did we miss one that definitely should be on this list? Let us know! And don’t forget to send in your questions to floattanksolutions.com/podcast


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