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About Float Tanks: An Introductory Guide


Our About Float Tanks Guide provides a deep overview of the float tank industry, including the physical and mental benefits that come from floating, the supporting scientific and medical evidence, and information on the history and growth of the industry. The content has been reviewed by a variety of floatation researchers and industry leaders to make sure that everything is accurate.

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Originally included only in our business plan packet, this document is now available for free and is the perfect introduction to the float tank industry.

Want to know more about float tanks?
Want to spread the gospel of floatation therapy?
Need to explain your business to potential investors or landlords?

This packet has been downloaded by tens of thousands of people, and is used all over the world to bring important decision makers up to speed along every step of the way to opening a float center. It’s designed to overcome objections from venture capitalists, business partners, banks, and even landlords who don’t understand our salty industry enough to make an informed decision about it. This guide helps to explain the fascinating float tank industry, and makes clear the potential for success that float tank centers offer.

We welcome you to read through the About Float Tanks guide, and our other free resources and materials. Please let us know if there’s any way we can improve them, we appreciate your feedback. If you find yourself interested in joining the float tank industry, or if you need more in depth resources and templates, check out our Complete Business Plan Package.

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