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Save Money When Starting a Float Center

Construction aside, one of the more significant costs to starting a float center are the tanks themselves.

There are numerous float tank manufacturers to choose from with costs that range quite a bit.

A lot of the newer float centers are building out with room for future expansion once they can afford the extra tanks. Planning for this type of growth is smart (if you can afford the space). However, acquiring a used float tank can quickly turn that empty space into a money maker. In fact, having used float tanks was critical to opening the doors at Float On!

Where do you find used float tanks?

where to find used float tanks

Where can I find the best deal on a float tank” is a question we receive on a regular basis. It’s not as easy as a Google search. As a path to saving money, pre-owned float tanks are a hot commodity and don’t last on the market for long. Maintained properly, a used float tank can provide you with years of revenue while saving you money.


Here are a few suggestions for anyone looking to buy or sell pre-owned floatation tank:

Float Tank Buy Sell Trade – Facebook Group

It’s the largest group on Facebook for pre-owned float tanks and the first place to begin your search. This is also the ideal group to list a float tank for sale.

The Float Collective – Facebook Group

While not as focused on transacting float tanks as our first suggestion is, the Float Collective holds conversations between float center owners, and occasionally the topic of selling tanks pops up.

Current Float Tank Manufacturers

Like many high-dollar items that are constantly innovating, manufacturers sometimes have a couple of leftover models from a previous build they may be willing to unload for a discount.

A Nearby Float Center

While this might seem like a wild idea, many float center owners are looking to upgrade their facilities. As long as you promise not to open up right next door, you might find a willing seller. If you know of a neighboring center with room to expand, they might also be a prime candidate to buy your tank (especially since they can save on shipping).

Regardless of where you find your next float tank, we’ve recorded an episode of the Daily Solutions Podcast to help people understand what to look for when buying a used float tank. You can also find an earlier blog that discusses some questions you should ask when buying a pre-owned float tank.