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Save Money When Starting a Float Center

Construction aside, one of the more significant costs to starting a float center are the tanks themselves.

There are numerous float tank manufacturers to choose from with costs that range quite a bit.

A lot of the newer float centers are building out with room for future expansion once they can afford the extra tanks. Planning for this type of growth is smart (if you can afford the space). However, acquiring a used float tank can quickly turn that empty space into a money maker.
where to find used float tanks
In fact, having used float tanks was critical to opening the doors at Float On!

So where do you find used float tanks?

It’s not as easy as a Google search. Used float tanks are a hot commodity and don’t last on the market for long. We’re working on a way to let you know as soon as one is available.


Used Floatation Tanks


Where can I find the best deal on a float tank” is a question we receive on daily basis. Honestly, until now, we didn’t have a solid answer. Now you can go to usedfloattanks.com and let us know if you’re interested in buying a used isolation tank. As soon as one crosses our path, we’ll let you know!

If you’re looking to sell your existing float tank, fill out the corresponding form on the same website and we’ll be in contact on how you can gain exposure to this unique mailing list.

Maintained properly, a used float tank can provide you with years of revenue while saving you money.

Help us find the right tank for you!

Email us and let us know what criteria you’re looking for in a used float tank. We’ll take the information to the sellers so we can make sure we’re providing as much detail as possible in our listings.

-Derek W Wyatt-

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