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"Nobody should attempt to open a float center without first training with Float Tank solutions. I’m a seasoned marketer and retailer, and I was blown away by the team’s insights."

Joe Mallahan
Oasis Float Spa

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"One of my biggest regrets building a float center is that I did not purchase the Construction Packet. Having some background in the construction field I thought we would be fine. There's far too much to take into consideration to go at it alone. One mistake alone could end up costing thousands of dollars to go back and fix. Not to mention the peace of mind page by page instructions brings when questions arise. Get the package!! You will not be sorry."

Stephen Bryla

"Real quick. Thank you so much to you and all of the FTS team! We have been 90%+ booked since opening. Our rooms are as soundproof and light tight as it gets, and I couldn’t have done it without all the sage advice y’all have imparted."

Kelly Caldwell - Drift Greenville

"Just wanted to thank you guys for such a great and valuable experience last week at the Workshop in NYC. I learned a ton and couldn't be more satisfied with the content, presentation and professionalism. Getting to meet you guys, as well as a room full of other prospective float center owners, solidified my decision to move forward. I want nothing more than to be part of such a great bunch of people who are actively working towards making this world a better place one float at a time."

Rob McDonald - Salt Float Center

"Everything worked wonderfully and it has already been approved with the bank for the small business loan! They were impressed- and it was by far one of my best investments!"

Leanna Cameron Franchina - Levitate Float Spa

"YES, please do use any things I say about the Apprenticeship as a testimonial to how helpful it was! I'm sure I wrote a book of notes from just the three-day in-person Apprenticeship, and I'd already been studying how to build out a float center for quite a few months prior. I learned a lot from just the online videos, but the in-person Apprenticeship widened my knowledge tenfold. It's something that I think every float tank owner and center should participate in because there's no better way to learn than face to face, hands on, talking directly to the people who've done it all."

Jordan Concannon - Blue Ocean Floats

"My banker said that was the best version of a business and financial plan yet, and the SBA should return with their approval this week! Thank you for help with that. I should have bought that Business Plan a LONG time ago, for it really helped not only my bank and the SBA, but myself - to lay out what the business is really about, discover areas that need improvement, and give me estimates to work with in the coming years."

Jordan Concannon - Blue Ocean Floats

"FYI, we would have made so many mistakes if we had not come to the float Workshop and conference last year. It has been great to be able to refer to the Construction Packet and look at pictures and drawings. Insulation is going in tomorrow."

Patricia Everheart - Source Float @ Wellspring

"I just wanted to say thanks again for the recent Apprenticeship. I had a real good time and also learned a lot. I think you guys do a real good job of running this program and sure packed in a lot of information."

Charles White - Float Tank Barrie

"Having Jake here was fantastic! We would recommend the on-site Consultation to anyone. Even though we learned so much in Portland, he enhanced our knowledge from the Workshop and the construction pack and pointed out to our contractor where he had messed up. Now we are aware that we need to be fully participatory with the entire process and not rely on the contractor knowing what needs to be done."

Patricia Everheart - Source Float @ Wellspring

"I was blown away by the level of detail, the quality/quantity of content, the open access to all of their business operations and marketing as well as the warm and friendly nature that Ashkahn, Graham and Jake delivered the program. I also became friends with the five amazing students that took the course with me, and they inspired me to dream even bigger. In short, it was Transformational!! I mean every word and it really was truly amazing. I feel that I've joined a family and community that I want to give back to. Thanks so much for the role you played in making the Apprenticeship happen. I also greatly appreciate your faith in me too. That means a lot!"

Tom Taber – TX

"The Construction Packet is one of the best investments I've made since deciding to open a float studio. Orchestrating all the unique needs for contractors is as easy as handing them the packet and asking if they have any questions. Speaking with contractors for the first time can be intimidating, the Construction Packet allows you the confidence to speak at a higher level with more certainty when navigating through all the tough decisions. If you're assuming most of the responsibility yourself for your buildout, the Construction Packet is a no-brainer, do it right the first time."

Charlie Dobson - Enso Float

"The Float Tank Solutions team far exceeded my expectations! The entire staff was prepared and passionate about helping us learn more about the industry and helping us to minimize the learning curve when it comes to opening a float center. I highly recommend the Float Tank Solutions Apprenticeship program to anyone considering opening a float center. Thank you Guys!"

Bryan Messmer - Easy Float

"We thoroughly enjoyed the Apprenticeship with Float Tank Solutions. The three day course is extremely comprehensive and you leave with such a wealth of knowledge that we would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the float industry. Prior to the class we thought we had a pretty good idea regarding what we would be required to start so float therapy center. It became apparent very early that we had no clue of the litany of things that are necessary to running a float business. My personal favorite was the presentation regarding finance and marketing and I gained an appreciation for the other aspects of the business from the class. All three of the trainers were very personable and knowledgeable and very open to dialogue which made us comfortable talking to them. We look forward to keeping in contact with them in the coming months to share our progress when opening our float center."

Alvin Kennedy

"The Construction Packet has been just what the doctor ordered to plan and build a state of the art float center. The staff will help to clarify any of the in depth topics discussed in the packet. This is the go to source for all your construction needs."

Nick Burton - Blissful Relaxation

"I am in the early stages of work on a new floatation center and am so glad I purchased Float On's "Business Plan for Floatation Centers".  Its wealth of material has helped me organize my thoughts and will guide me as I prepare my own Business Plan - that critical document which will be examined and evaluated by potential landlords, bankers, investors, and partners.  The "real world" numbers from Float On's first year and a half are by themselves worth the price of the plan.  Add to that the promptly responsive, expert, and caring Consulting service from Float On's founders and their product becomes the bargain-of-the-century for anyone considering opening a float center.  I highly recommend it!"

David Brickman - Bodymind Float Center

"The Consulting service offered by Float Tank Solutions has been an invaluable source of information and encouragement. As a new float center owner, information and encouragement is just what I needed. Thanks again Graham and Float Tank Solutions for all you guys do for the floating industry."

Ted O'Neill - Aqua Float

"Wow, killer job on the Business Plan!!!!!! I read parts last night and finished it today.  I can tell you guys put some insane hours into that.  I really think that it will be a huge tool for me to bring to my potential investors and to show my business partners.  Thank you."

Ryan Anderson - Phoenix, AZ

"I just want to tell you I listen to all your Podcasts. They are awesome! And the internship was the best money I’ve spent on this float venture. Thank you all for your support. This is the biggest scariest thing I’ve ever done and the fact of your being there and help has kept me from so many sleepless nights! Most grateful soon to be float center owner."

Debby Madera - Dinosaur Egg Float

"When I started my journey towards owning a float center, I thought it was simple. Get a tank, put it in a room with a shower. Fill it up. Make money. Done. Float Tank Solutions took that thought, set it on the counter, and smashed it with a sheet of quiet rock. As I found out quickly, creating nothing takes a whole lot of something. If I had not completed the Apprenticeship, in person with the ability to ask questions and make connections, I would not be creating the successful center I am now able to create. Float Tank Solutions has been and continues to be an invaluable partner on my journey and has made deciphering this new industry as easy as floating."

Kelly Caldwell - Drift Greenville

"In my opinion, the key to success is using the right tool for the job. You guys supply the entire toolkit! I attended the June Apprenticeship Program knowing that it was a gamble because it was a lot of money and time to invest when just starting up. However, the program exceeded all of my expectations. The information I learned is invaluable, the relationships I formed with the other attendees are inspirational and the instructors are always available for follow-up questions. I am so thankful for the knowledge I’ve gained in such a short amount of time and FTS’ constant support and encouragement. Your dedication to my success is what sets you apart."

Gina Schimpff - Be Still Float Studio

"Float Tank Solutions has been there for us since the beginning sharing both knowledge and support and the Consultant Program certainly delivered on both! Having a guide on hand to answer questions in the day to day operations as they arise was invaluable. Several months later we’re still in touch with our consultant and continue to utilize his ideas, expertise and support."

Casey Campbell - Midwest Float

"The Float Tank Solution Float Construction Manual continues to be one of the best resources I've had going though the design and construction of A Place To Float. Not only did it help consolidate and organize all the arcane knowledge and information passed on during the Apprenticeship and construction Workshops, but it provided a crucial tool in ongoing communication with architects, contractors and equipment manufacturers. The time, miscommunication and money saved by having this resource was incredible. If you intend to build out a proper float center, I highly recommend investing in this manual."

Aaron Douglas - A Place to Float

"Just wanted to send a quick note, to say this plan is so unbelievably helpful. My "stuck" state is "unstuck". Thank you! So worth the money spent."

Dayle Sheward - Minneapolis, MN

"THANK YOU so very much for all your guidance. I would have been completely lost without the knowledge you guys have shared."

Anand Sukhadia - Om.Life Testimonial

"I have found the Construction Packet to be an invaluable resource. It has saved a lot of headaches because I am able to search for the information very quickly. The topics are laid out nicely and the detail can get very “down and dirty” but that is necessary in order to minimize potential mistakes and problems that will occur during the buildout and daily operation. Whenever I and/or my contractor has had questions regarding certain things, the Construction Packet was the first place I would look."

Zane Ritter - Float Horizen

"I just sold a year membership...... and the only reason that was an option on our pricing is because of what I learned at the Apprenticeship! Ha ha!!"

Kelly Glenn - Renew Float Spa

"Going to the Apprenticeship in Portland was great. I wish I had known about it earlier in my planing process. However, the guys were great working with me where I was at. So glad I have this amazing resource and no doubt this will be my go to when I build my next float center."

Melanie Wilkerson - Renew Clinical Massage and Wellness

"If you’re thinking about opening a float tank center you must absolutely invest the time and money to attend a Float Apprenticeship. The Float On crew has been there, done it, and provide you the much-needed glimpse into your future. Without the Apprenticeship, I think you’re taking a massive risk wading into the void of float tank entrepreneurship."

Carlos Casias - Float Los Alamos

"Thanks Float Tank Solutions. We’re impressed in your availability, knowledge and attention to detail. We could not have accomplished what we’ve done without Float Tank Solution in our corner. Thanks again for helping raise the bar in this emerging industry."

Paul Clift - Samana Float Center

"The new Business Plan has catapulted us to a whole new level of preparation. We thank you all so much for allowing us to have the revised version. At this point we have locked down a location, types of tanks, who will be involved, etc. Our plan has been very well received by local SBA resources!"

Chelsea Powers - Weightless Float Center

"If you need advice on anything related to the float industry, the Consulting team a Float Tank Solutions has the depth of knowledge to guide you. No one knows more about the challenges of developers, owners, managers and staff of a float facility than the industry leaders at Float Tank solutions. They know it all because they have seen it all."

Scott Berryman - Float Center

"Float Tank Solutions’ Apprenticeship was an amazing experience. I would highly recommend it. The crew at Float Tank Solutions answered every question I had, alerted me to pitfalls I hadn’t considered and were a blast to hang out with. I left with a comprehensive front-of-house / back-of-house plan. After completing the course, they continue to be receptive to and supportive of my ongoing inquiries. A truly valuable asset. Bravo!"

Scott Stambach – NY

"In building out Motor City Float, there have been many choices made that I would if given the opportunity choose differently. One choice I DID get right was by bring Pat from Float Tank Solutions out to our float center the week before opening our doors. In that week, Pat was able to completely set up our shop, train our employees on proper water maintenance and using the HELM, as well as put us in a position to open our doors with confidence to succeed. By having Pat work with us for a full week, I can comfortably say he cut out at least two months of trial and error on our parts. This was singlehandedly, without doubt, the BEST decision I made."

Sean Hogsden - Motor City Float

"Couldn't imagine not buying the Construction Packet. I did attend the Float Tank Solutions Workshop and learned a lot about the construction side, though I tend to forget all the technical stuff. The Construction Packet was very detailed, and helped me communicate the necessities and importance of opening a float center to my general contractor. Thanks again Float Tank Solutions!"

Mikell Rush - Buoyant

"Working with Helm, Float On, and Float Tank Solutions has been an amazing experience as we launch Float Center. The Apprenticeship was such a great way to quickly learn so much about what it takes to create, own, operate and succeed in this business. We have been very appreciative of the continued support in sourcing products, marketing, construction, tank selection and general Consulting long after our time in Portland."

Scott Berryman - Float Center

"Not only did we get our questions answered, but we learned all the answers to the questions we didn’t even know to ask! The Business Plan gave us a guideline, the marketing helped us create cohesiveness through our first year until we got the hang of our personal branding and the time we spent at Float On was invaluable. During our Apprenticeship we got tons of information, first hand experience and were able to plan and brainstorm our center with Float On as well as other future float tank center owners. Not only did we get support through the long process of getting float tanks regulated in our state, but once we were approved and ready to set up and open up, we knew exactly what to do. The package we received from Float Tank Solutions saved us thousands of dollars in cold hard cash and a lot of valuable time and energy."

Amy Grimes - Float Nashville

"The Business Plan start up information that I received from Float On is great! While having trouble with our initial investor meetings, I asked Float On for some help in crafting my Business Plan.  I received a comprehensive and easy to digest package that accurately addressed my needs.  Because the float industry is unheard of to a lot of people, it was extremely important to get real world financial and shop information from a successful float center.  The package helped me mold what I had as a Business Plan into a more dynamic and complete project plan.  Float On was able to answer all of my many questions while extending a much needed helping hand."

Alex Ziegler - Northwest Float Center

"Float On has become the go-to source for information on setting up a float center. Their shared knowledge on best practices and marketing were extremely helpful to me. If you’re not sure where to start with your float center, start here."

John Balquist - Oakland Floats

"I was introduced to floating early 2015, and became very intrigued because there is none like it where I am from, therefore I became very eager opening up a float spa myself. After looking through many Google searches, I came across Float Tank Solutions. I was hesitant at first to hand over my credit card information to a website that I have never heard of before getting into the float industry, though I just went with it crossing my fingers. To my delight, not only did I purchase an “A+” Business Plan that helped me get approval with 2 different banks, with many compliments on how thorough the plan was, but I also attended a well thought out Apprenticeship with Float Tank Solutions. I am so impressed with everything at this point that I am now purchasing the Construction Packet. I would highly recommend Float Tank Solutions for anyone who wants to get involved in the float industry. Thanks Float Tank Solutions, YOU ALL ROCK!"

Mikell Rush - Buoyant

"The Business Plan has been invaluable to us. There were so many details provided that we could have easily overlooked. Having a template to keep us guided and focused throughout the process made a world of difference. It also really helped our confidence presenting to investors knowing not only could we answer and speak to all of their questions but that the information was also available in the Business Plan. The banks were blown away! We owe a huge thank you to the team at Float Tank Solutions for helping us secure funding to make our dreams a reality! Blessed to be part of such a great community!"

Kymberlee Lisk - Ebb & Float

"Nobody should attempt to open a float center without first training with Float Tank Solutions. I’m a seasoned marketer and retailer, and I was blown away by the team’s insights. From social marketing, to construction, to daily operations, I was learning something every minute of the curriculum. Having full access to the Float On store was also invaluable, as I had the chance to interview several staff and customers, and witness firsthand what it means to clean a cartridge filter vs. a bag filter (go with the bag filter or go home)."

Joe Mallahan - Oasis Float Spa

"Thanks for everything you have done for us. I'm sure we would not be starting our dream...if it wasn't for the plan put together by every one at Float Tank Solutions."

Luke Aho - Full Spectrum Float

"The Business Plan has been invaluable. It is very thorough and forces you to consider every aspect of your business. The industry insights were especially helpful."

Melissa Nelson - Elemental Float and Cryo

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