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The Buoy Project was created to help raise up the industry.

If you’d like to know more, read our inspiration for the project in this blog post or check out our Buoy Project F.A.Q. 

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We’ve priced this to be accessible for everyone in the industry.

Buoy membership is only $150 per month when you agree to stay on for the year.

“This is exactly what I wanted: an informative, relevant, and fun base of content that I could set and forget. The artwork is great, too!”
– Sara Garvin
Float Boston

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10+ Float Centric Social Media Posts Every Month

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“The Buoy Project is EXCELLENT! Social media is my least favorite part of running our shop and just knowing that there’s a good base of post ideas and blogs throughout the month has been such a weight off.

Our staff has hit the ground running with all the new content and our social media game has really stepped up!”

– Amy Harder
Float Harder

Monthly Blog Post

Buoy Project Blog Post

500-750 Word Article
2+ Images Included
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Monthly Email Newsletter

Relevant Float Related News
Floating Tips & Facts
Images Included
Pre-formatted HTML Version
Suggestions for Personalization
Encourages Reader Interaction

“The Buoy Project has been a huge upgrade to our marketing. I love the blog posts/newsletters – I neglected posting them in the past due to the amount of time it takes to write them up, so having them on hand is a game changer.

I also love how organized the content is, and having a posting calendar for the month is extremely helpful. I would highly recommend joining the Buoy Project if you haven’t already!”

– Matt Soper
The Float Experience

Access to Our Growing
Archive of Marketing Content
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Dozens of Additional Illustrations
Top Social Posts from Actual Centers
Extra Blog Posts for Floaters
Exclusive Content Added Regularly

The Buoy Project

$225 / month
pay as you go

$150 / month
w/ 1 year commitment
access to content archive

And we’ve got more than just Marketing in mind…

This project is about more than marketing. We want to create an infrastructure that can carry floating forward and weather future storms, not just the one we’re in now. The Buoy Project will evolve with the needs and the desires of the industry, and we already have some things in the works.

Below you’ll find our planned Buoy Project member perks. As we get enough  members, the below will all come included at no extra cost with your Buoy Project membership,  with more ideas to come. You can consider these “stretch goals” of sorts – we can’t guarantee they will happen, but they’re the first places we’ll put our efforts when we can.

We want to to make the industry even stronger by creating new tools that have never existed before.

Real Industry Demographic Data

We have plans to work with the community to compile a dedicated Floatation Demographics Report —  the first large scale demographic information the float industry has ever seen. These reports will offer you a much more in-depth understanding of industry trends at large, and key you in to your best opportunities for finding future floaters. 


Community Buying Power Discounts

As just one float business, you only have so much pull, but together, we can leverage our community buying power to all sorts of potential ends. We aim to contact a variety of practical and prominent suppliers, equipment providers, events, software systems (and more) to arrange beneficial discounts for all members.


Float Research and Meta-Analyses

You will also get access to quarterly virtual gatherings covering float research and the science behind floating, which will offer in-depth looks at prominent studies and researchers — distilling them into core concepts you can use as fodder for your marketing. All float centers benefit from a deeper understanding of floating itself, and new ways of showing floating’s potential to your customers.


Buoy Project Think Tanks

Sharing experiences and learning from the successes and failures of others is a cornerstone to growth as an industry. For members who are interested, we hope to facilitate and curate small groups of float centers for ongoing peer-to-peer support and mentoring. We’ll arrange you into a Think Tank of existing float centers similar in size and scope to your own, and schedule workshops and brainstorming sessions.


Prank Calling Tom Fine

For each ten (10) people that sign up to the Buoy Project, we will perform one (1) prank phone call to legendary float researcher Tom Fine — all from different phone numbers, spaced out strategically over time to ensure heightened prankiness. We will source the best ideas for funny voices and/or soundboards of flatulence in order to ensure the utmost hilarity. You will get access to a members-only viewing of the resulting footage once it’s compiled. 


The Buoy Project

$225 / month
pay as you go

$150 / month
w/ 1 year commitment
access to content archive