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Daily Solutions Podcast

This is it. We have reached the conclusion of our beloved Daily Podcast full of Solutions. A very heartfelt thank you to everyone who has listened to us over the year. It’s been a valuable and fun experience for all of us here.

Below we have our final top 5 selection for the month of November.

Fixing Strange Colors and Smells in the Water – DSP 344

If there’s a more common question that new float centers have, Graham and Ashkahn have already answered it.

The solution in a float tank is very sensitive and a lot of tiny variables can change its behavior. You can tell that the guys put off answering this question, as there really isn’t a satisfying answer. There’s just too many different things to consider.

Surviving a Recession – DSP 351

This is a question that is on a lot of people’s minds right now as the US economy looks down the barrel of a financial turn. This industry has boomed along with the economy and there’s a lot of unknowns about how people will feel about floating when spending gets tight.

Graham and Ashkahn have a little experience with this, having started Float On in the middle of the last recession. Yes, it’s different now, but if anything, Float On’s very existence shows that it’s possible.

How to get your Water Tested – DSP 359

Two water treatment episodes on the Top 5? No way!

This is the longest pre-recorded episode of the podcast clocks in at 33 minutes and 45 seconds. It’s worth the listen though. Ashkahn breaks down exactly the steps necessary to get your water tested and what to look for when surveying labs, as well as how to talk to health departments about the type of information to gather.

Don’t be afraid to take notes and consult the transcript of this episode, and if it gets too dry, you can take a look at the float themed acronyms I threw in there for you.

Float On’s Membership Change – DSP 364

Graham and Ashkahn break down what it’s been like for Float On to switch to a single-priced membership platform.

You gotta love it when analytics nerds geek out about useful information. The guys dissect exactly the difference in membership numbers, conversions, retentions, and total dollars spent by members just to show exactly what the benefits have been at Float On.

It’s super insightful and pleasantly entertaining. Also, I got to make a collage of red panda pictures for this, so it’s automatically my favorite episode. They’re so cute!

The Final Episode (2 Hour Live Call-in Event) – DSP 367

Of course, we end with our final episode. This live call-in event was a tour de force of blind optimism. Getting to talk with everyone that called in was a special treat and I want to offer my own personal thanks from the bottom of my heart for tuning in and being a part of this. It meant a lot to all of us. You can see the stream, in full, up above.

Some great questions were asked during this, including questions about current research, the best ways to move float tanks, is a “pure” sensory deprivation experience better, and so many others.

We had surprise special guests, special intros, and special props for this episode. And even though we won’t be bringing you this podcast every day anymore, we’re still here to answer all your floaty questions. Float on.

Again, from all of us here at Float Tank Solutions that helped bring you this podcast, thank you for checking in with us and we hope we helped answer some of those difficult questions that you ask yourself while dunking folks in floats. Stay saliferous, my salty friends.