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Daily Solutions Podcast

Here we go again. Another month, another difficult choice of deciding which episodes will make it into the Top 5. We had some really killer episodes this month, including our 100th episode and a special interview with Justin Feinstein. Here are the episodes that we think you definitely shouldn’t miss…


100th Episode – Our First 100 days of Running Float On – DSP 100

Many people will look at the first 100 days of a Presidency to qualify how productive they will be, this is kind of similar except we find out that the first 100 days of anything Graham and Ashkahn do is fraught with peril. The two reminisce about the early days of Float On and there’s definitely some valuable lessons to be learned in here as well as just some hilarious stories. Definitely worth the listen.


Talking About Dr. Justin Feinstein’s Anxiety Study – DSP 101

It wouldn’t be a float industry podcast if we didn’t talk to Justin Feinstein about his research. Naturally, we’ve been following his work closely and it’s amazing to see this kind of work being put out there.

Graham and Ashkahn are really good at digging into the meat of this research and their discussion with Justin really demonstrates just how far the research has to go still. In particular, they discuss how us an industry should present Dr. Feinstein’s studies to our own audiences. 


How Much Does a Float Center Cost? – DSP 109

A common question that can be surprisingly difficult to answer, but Graham and Ashkahn provide a thorough response based on years of industry reporting data. It’s definitely worth the listen for anyone in the financing stages of building to help make sure you’re not missing anything as well as some helpful tips on budgeting as you go.


Tips on Structuring Your Service Menu – DSP 111

A deceptively simple idea that turns into a really complicated answer. Graham and Ashkahn dig into the fundamentals of marketing psychology to really help explain the logic behind menu design and how to effectively set your pricing. A useful episode for float centers just starting up as well as ones that have been around a while.


Don’t Build Your Own Float Tank! – DSP 118

This is something that the crew at Float On has been saying for years. They speak from experience and every once in a while they encounter someone who builds a float tank themselves, anyway. Graham and Ashkahn really thoroughly explain exactly why this is such a difficult task and how much trouble it can cause. 

They do, however, mention some specific scenarios where building your own tanks might make sense.



And there you have it! Are there any you think we missed? Don’t hesitate to send your favorite episodes to me at juliet@floathq.com. Talk to you soon!



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