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Daily Solutions Podcast

The seasons are changing now. It’s hard to believe it’s already June, but it certainly is welcome. The weather’s warm, birds are chirping, plants are pollinating, and we have another list of Top 5 episodes of the Daily Solutions Podcast.

There really are some amazing episodes from this last month and if you missed any of these, pop some allegra, get your allergies under control, and listen to these as you ride your bike on a warm afternoon.


Does it matter how you order your filtration equipment on a float tank? – DSP 155

This is one of those float tank shower thoughts that tons of people have, but it isn’t the easiest question to research. Most float center owners are intimately familiar with their tanks, but maybe don’t know everything about the equipment.

Graham and Ashkahn shine their brightest when unpacking obscure information and explaining it in a way that anyone can understand. This is one of those times. Plus, they have a radio play dogfight in the intro.

Avoiding Soundproofing Mistakes During Float Tank Installation – DSP 157

Possibly the best thing about this episode is Graham and Ashkahn’s optimism in the progress of float tank technology. I want to believe!

True to their nature, the guys over-explain (if such a thing is possible) the technical cause and effect of sound waves and what to look out for when soundproofing your place. This episode is chock full of very practical information and a bunch of great resources that are absolutely essential for any float center owner.

How to Deal With Burnout – DSP 166

It’s rare that the question asked on this podcast causes such a raw emotional reaction, but I think everyone sympathizes with “burnout burnout burnout burnout ***Slams head against Keyboard: asldkfjhasoifje*** burnout burnout burnout burnout burnout”.

Graham and Ashkahn answer this question with the knowledge, compassion, and humanity that only another float center owner can provide. This is something that hits everyone at some point, and it’s nice to know when it does happen that you’re not alone.

What do You Love About Running a Float Center? – DSP 172

If you’re still feeling the sting from burnout, this is a great episode to reinvigorate your love of running a float center. The tone of the conversation feels much more like a nostalgic fireside chat than the helpful and informative chats the guys normally have on the podcast.

Graham and Ashkahn beam as they remember the fond times running their own magical salt boxes and transforming people’s lives. This episode is a powerful reminder of the rare privilege everyone in this industry shares for getting to be a part of it.

What Benefits of Floating have been Proven Scientifically? – DSP 181

This is a dense question that pretty much every float center has to answer for their nosy customers. Graham and Ashkahn dive into this quagmire and explain the resources that are available to help you get the best understanding of this question. Seriously, check out the show notes of this episode for a great list of resources.

On top of that, they also concisely explain the definitive benefits of floating and how to approach these conversations, which even if you know the answers, can still be tricky to navigate sometimes.


If you missed any of these, stop reading this now and listen. Make a playlist and provide yourself with some expanded education while you do your deep cleans during closing or what have you.

If you think there’s an episode from this month that deserves to be on this list, let us know. Shoot an email over to jt@floathq.com and I’ll give it a mention.