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We’re just past halfway through the entry period for the 2020 Start-a-Center Giveaway, and so excited by the response thus far!

It’s amazing that we get to help one winner make their dreams come true and we’re so excited to help make that happen. There are tons of great ideas among the entries, and some passionate people who are itching to get their float plans started — we already know it’s going to be incredibly difficult to decide on a winner this year.

There’s still over a week remaining to register and enter the Giveaway if you haven’t yet! Registration closes on the 29th, and the last day to enter is January 31st!

Since it’s coming up so soon, we thought we’d take a moment to let you know a bit more about all of the generous sponsors contributing to this year’s grand prize. 

We couldn’t have made the Giveaway as amazing as it was this year without each and every one of these float industry allies, and we thank them whole-heartedly for their contribution!

Maximum Floats

Leveraging their intimate understanding of the float industry, along with  their years of more traditional marketing experience, Maximum Floats is able to create marketing campaigns and strategies that help your float center connect with a larger customer base — without having to depend on Groupon or other outside assistance. 

Partnered with nearly 70 float centers already, Maximum Floats offers marketing consulting and direct marketing management, and have generously agreed to offer $4000 worth of their services to the winner of the Start-a-Center Giveaway to help ensure their center has a strong marketing foundation right out of the gate. 

For more information, and a FREE case study for float center owners, check out their site, Maximum Floats

The Float Conference and Workshop

Join us at the world’s largest event celebrating floatation therapy and the float industry!

To be held in late 2020, the 9th Annual Float Conference is sure to be filled with more fascinating presentations from leading experts on all things floaty. 

Attending the events offers the perfect opportunity to learn more about all the fascinating floaty things in the world as well as meet the community, which is what will keep you coming back year after year. It’s been said many times, but the Conference feels more like a homecoming than a business event.

Check out the Float Conference site to sign up for updates on the 2020 events — and we hope to see you there!

The winner of the Giveaway will receive 2 tickets to the Conference events themselves, as well as 2 tickets to the Start-a-Center Workshop hosted before the events. 

Helmbot (formerly  Float Helm)

Appointment scheduling, point-of-sale, customer and staff management, marketing automation, and so much more — the Helmbot is almost an entire suite of software in one, offering your business a complete back-end management system.

The winner of the Giveaway will receive 6 months of free Helmbot access once they’re ready to book. In addition, the winner is also welcome to access the software before then at no cost, allowing them to familiarize themselves and their team with the software leading up to launch. 

For anyone and everyone, the Helm offers free in-depth tours of the software if you might be interested in learning more. 

Theta State Agency

Creating and managing any business means signing up for near constant responsibility, and with an industry as particular as floating, you’re likely to be one of the few people around who can effectively manage things…which means things are ripe to fall apart if you ever need some time away.  

Designed to solve the problem of float center owner burnout, Theta State Agency offers management for your business from experienced and dedicated float center operation experts whenever you might need a vacation, or if any emergencies arise.  

Theta State Agency is offering a 4 day Float Center Sitting Package to the winner of the Giveaway, to be arranged whenever they need a much deserved break. 

The brainchild of longtime Float Tank Solutions friend, and passionate floatation enthusiast, Bryan Gray, we’re excited to see this project launch.

Float Halo

Float Halo offers a headrest designed specifically for floatation tanks. Allowing the head to rest in a more supine position, the Float Halo is designed to increase your customer’s comfort while floating, by preventing pain and tension from affecting their floats. 

The winner of the Giveaway will be offered an initial supply of 10 Float Halos to stock in their float rooms.

Iron Lion Soap

Iron Lion Soap has been offering high quality soap products since 2008, handcrafted from time-tested, 100% plant based ingredients. They have offered an initial supply of both their Organic Body Wash and Organic Castille Soap to the Giveaway winner.

Check out the Iron Lion Soap online store to view their full product line.

The Float Tank Cure by Shane Stott

One of the most well known modern publications on floatation, The Float Tank Cure covers author Shane Stott’s personal journey and research into the world of floating, and offers the reader a fascinating insight into what floatation therapy can do for an individual.

The Giveaway winner will receive 10 copies to stock in their center’s library or retail in their shop. 

Coincidence Control Publishing

The publishing arm of Float On’s floaty endeavors, Coincidence Control aims to offer high-quality prints of the works of Dr. John C. Lilly, and serves as distributor for the several other float book projects run through Float On over the years. The winner of the Giveaway will receive a copy of each of the currently available prints, all of which are perfect additions to any float center’s library. 


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