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Daily Solutions Podcast

October was a hell of a floaty month. Between the float conference non-profit, Float On’s birthday, Ashkahn’s birthday, and Halloween, let’s just be a little grateful that the ol’ Grashkahmn duo didn’t miss a day on here. Especially since these episodes are so killer.

Tune in on November 29th at 3pm for our final live episode where you can call in and ask the guys your own questions one last time!

What’s Happening with the Float Conference Non-Profit – DSP 308

The 501(c)3 has been formed and things are moving forward on for the Float Conference. Updates are happening faster than we can announce. A board has been selected, the next city that will host it has been picked (Yeah Denver!) and tentative dates are in place (hopefully mid-October – November 2019).

This really is an exciting development for the Conference and we can’t wait to see how it all shakes out as time goes on. For more updates, reach out to conference@floathq.com

Getting Members to Float More Often – DSP 316

First off, shout out to Ashkahn’s rap in the intro of this episode. He’s really come a long way since starting last year.

Not only was this an extremely popular episode, but it’s another episode that highlights the charm of Float On’s management style. Float On just recently changed their membership offering and so Ashkahn and Derek took the opportunity to give some great insights into how it’s been working out.

Best Cleaning Practices without Burning Out Employees- DSP 322

For those of you curious, that is actually Float On’s address in the intro. I guess… send us money?

Graham and Ashkahn reframe the problem of burnout from cleaning as an issue of education and it really reflects a difference in thinking.

The guys nerd out a bit talking about communication methods and management styles, which takes a special kind of person to get excited about. Their fanatical enjoyment is your gain, though, so listen and enjoy.

What’s going on with the MAHC? – DSP 327

A great update on the Model Aquatic Health Code and how it has impacted regulation of float centers, or more accurately, how it hasn’t.

There was a lot of buzz surrounding this model code when it was being drafted as well as concern as to what it may portend for the regulation of float centers in the future. As Ashkahn explains it, it turned out to be more a bang than a whimper (in between attempts to trip me up when writing the show notes). The Model Aquatic Health Code has yet to be fully implemented anywhere as of yet, and only one health department that we know of has even referenced it. Aside from all that, the current requirements in their are fairly reasonable in comparison to what past regulation.

As per usual, Graham and Ashkahn do a great job of summing up the issue in easy to understand language.

What you Need to Know about UV – DSP 328

This episode works really well as a follow up to the MAHC episode, which has more strict requirements for UV than float centers have really experienced previously. It’s definitely a dense episode clocking in at just over half an hour, so strap in and listen. The Float On Boys are taking you to class!

While Ashkahn and Graham are very upfront in the fact that their understanding of the subject is limited, they do a great job explaining the complex issues involved in using UV in a float tanks filtration system.

The topic gets a little scary, because basically they sum up all the ways that UV can fail without really talking about why, in a float tank, that’s not as big a deal as in commercial pools, but it’s good to know, especially if you rely on it for your main disinfectant in your process.

Honorable Mention: Getting High (on air) in Float Tanks – DSP 329

What can I say, I love listening to Graham and Ashkahn get high and try to carry on a serious conversation. If the use of marijuana offends you for strictly moral or ethical reasons, definitely take a pass on this episode. If, however, you would like a personal account of pot use in float tanks from first hand experience, then not only is this informative, it’s pretty entertaining (like all our episodes, really).

Cheech and Chong of the Float World blaze into their experiences having a float center right next door to a dispensary and their close (maybe even complementary) relationship with the Devil’s Lettuce.

Thank you again to all of our listeners for sticking with us as Graham and Ashkahn share their advice to the float industry.

Check in to listen to our live final episode on November 29th from 3pm to 5pm Pacific time.