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It’s Float On’s final year hosting the Float Conference this year. The wails from all our floaty friends can be heard throughout the galaxy as we mourn the end of an era. But, please, dry your eyes, float industry, because this year is going to be amazing.

There’s absolutely no way we’re not going out with a bang, so buckle up and buy your tickets. We’re planning on making this the best Float Conference yet! We have fresh speakers, amazing activities, new podcasts, and a very full schedule. Everything is going to be bigger and better and the parties are going to be off the hook!

Here’s a little bit from some of us putting this event together about what we’re excited about this year.

Ashkahn JahromiA-Dawg:

I think the Marketing Forum will be really good.

Really excited for Roy Vore’s talk. Dr. Vore is a technology manager at BioLab, Inc. His work focuses on the control of microbial growth in recreational water and aqueous industrial systems.

Justin Feinstein is putting on a Friday Activity to discuss how to get approved research collection happening in float centers around the world, which is really cool.

Also, James Nestor is coming back!


Graham TalleyG-Swish:

Excited about the beer bus tours, about Saturday at Omsi, about hearing about the latest research and tank designs, and most of all for righteous celebrations with the community!



I’m particularly excited to see how the conversation around transitioning the float conference away from Float On goes, and how the industry discusses/responds.



Derek W Wyatt:

Derek Wyatt

Shameless plug: The Float Center Marketing Forum!

This year we’ll be mixing the format up a bit from last year to allow for more detailed marketing strategies from float center owners and other marketing experts.

I can’t think of any reason you wouldn’t want to have some tips for marketing your float center. This event is gonna be educational and, we hope, improve the industry’s ability to reach more people and build sustainable businesses.

On a personal level, knowing this will be the last year of us organizing the Float Conference makes every instance of every moment in every day that much more special to me. I’m just looking forward to sharing these special moments with everyone who loves our community.


Bryan Gray - Float Tank SolutionsB-Gray:

Anyone need a bus tour chaperone again? That was a blast for me last year. Stoked to be back at OMSI. I have a few international friends that look like they’ll make it out. Hoping for some new tanks on the floor.



Juliet-Tango Mylan

I’m really excited about the new research talks. There’s been so much that has happened since last year in regards to float research and it’s a really exciting time.

For the first time ever, we have a researcher from the Chinese float industry sharing some insights into what they’ve found, Dr. Peicheng Hu.

As always, getting to see some of my friends in the industry is something I look forward to all year. I love you guys.


Frank CiavarelloFrank “The ‘Tank” Ciavarello:

Looking forward to connecting again with people from Conference’s past. It’s great to hear about the various milestones people have reached since we last saw one another, and I love hearing the updates from people finally getting their center open, or expanding their space, or opening a whole 2nd center.

It’s amazing to see this industry (and the businesses in it) mature and evolve each year, and the Conference is a great benchmarking of that for me.


Kathryn SullivanKathryn:

As usual, I’m going to try to spend as much time as I can just wandering around and drawing random things for people. There’s at least one person I didn’t get to last year: you know who you are. Come find me, and I’ll make you a pretty thing.

The new t-shirt is in the works, that’s always fun. And I’ve got a new batch of raindrops to draw up for customers from this past year, too.

All you float people are delightful, and I’m so excited to catch up with you all again. I always get a lot of energy out of spending time with the people I do all this work for.


Let’s not forget all the things we look forward to every year: the awesome parties, the food cart lunches, the amazing talks, and tons of incredible events and activities.

Buy tickets at floatconference.com as early bird pricing is only available until July 19th because we need a headcount to place orders for everything at that time.