Learn best practices for starting and running a float center:

Everyone knows that, when it comes to gifts, it’s much more fun to give than to receive.

start a center giveaway preview_thumbnail-largeWith this year’s Start-a-Center Giveaway, however, we may have finally tipped the scales in favor of the recipient. There are over $13,000 in Float Tank Solutions products going to one lucky duck (plus $4,000 worth of goodies from other float industry homies).

It’s been three years since our last Giveaway, and we thought that it was long overdue for another one.

The Giveaway is a chance to give a big ol’ boost to a deserving Float-Center-To-Be. This time around, we’re taking things to a whole new level, with over three times the value of products and services being given away!   


Can you tell we’re excited?

Win $13,905 in FTS Materials

plus thousands of dollars in other salty, floaty prizes

The winner will receive:

construction packet_book-preview

–  NEW Construction Package ($4,400)

–  8 Hours of Dedicated Consulting Time ($2,400)

–  Attendance for Two to our In-Person Apprenticeship ((travel to Portland not included) $3,595)

–  Access to Our Online Apprenticeship ($970)

–  Complete Float Business Package ($2,170)

–  Complete Float Center Marketing Package ($370)



–  2 Tickets to the Float Conference ((travel to Portland not included) $1,190)

–  6 Months of Free Helm (~$1,000)fake conference ticket

– 1  Palette of Salt from the SF Salt Company (~$800)

–  4 Ninja Fans from Mandala ($720)

–  8 Halos from Float Ease ($350)


If you’re Charlie, this Giveaway is the Golden Ticket, which I guess makes the Construction Package a Wonka bar and the Ninja Fans are the Fizzy Lifting Drink. So, what do you have to do for a chance at all the Everlasting Gobstoppers?

mandala fan 2
All you need to do to enter is share your ideas for your ideal float center.

Last time, Float Nashville’s vision for their center won, getting them over $5,000 in products and services. Now, they’re industry leaders, hosting the popular Art of the Float podcast and looking to expand into a second location.

Just take 30 seconds to register!

We’ll send you instructions from there – basically, we’ll have you answer some questions and tell us about the unique vision you have for your float center. Are you looking to open more of a clean lines, zen-pad kind of place or a water slide and baby sloth petting room kind of center? Both sound cool to us!

One person (or team) will get all the resources they need to bring their float center dream to life! Winner takes all! The whole enchilada, the entire ball of wax, and the full monty.

You’ll even get the kit-and-caboodle… everything but the kitchen sink.

We definitely need the kitchen sink. 


Even if you don’t win, though, you kinda win:

Everyone who participates will receive $500 off our Construction Package and 2 free months of Float Helm (for new helm accounts only.)

To help get you inspired, here’s a little something from Amy Grimes of Float Nashville, the last Giveaway winner:

“When we began thinking of starting Float Nashville, we realized quickly that the process is much harder than it looks from the outside.”

“We had a lot of ideas we weren’t sure were really viable, and we had a lot of questions. Winning the Float Center Giveaway couldn’t have come at a better time. Not only did we get our questions answered, but we learned all the answers to the questions we didn’t even know to ask!

“The business plan gave us a guideline, the marketing helped us create cohesiveness through our first year until we got the hang of our personal branding, and the time we spent at Float On was invaluable. During our apprenticeship we got tons of information, first hand experience, and were able to plan and brainstorm our center with Float On as well as other future float tank center owners.

“Not only did we get support through the long process of getting float tanks regulated in our state but, once we were approved and ready to set up and open up, we knew exactly what to do. The package we received from Float Tank Solutions saved us thousands of dollars in cold hard cash and a lot of valuable time and energy.”

Sounds dreamy right? Well, that could be you!


Take a second to throw your hat in the ring. No catch. No gimmick. We just want to see another float center bestowed upon the world! Whether or not you win, we wish you the best of luck as you follow the path towards opening your center. The truth is, though, we really, really, really, very much hope that you’ll be the winner. Yeah, you 🙂

Who are you? What’s your vision for your center? Tell us here.

If you have questions about the giveaway (or anything else), don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to reading your submission!



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