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CAKE Worksheets


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2012 – 2013 Workshop Handouts

These materials were created for CAKE,
the donation based workshops that we started running over 3 years ago.

Our goal in starting it was to share as much knowledge as we could about small business, as succinctly as possible, free for anyone who wants it.

Get 46 worksheets created during our 2012-2013 sessions on a wide variety of business knowledge:

  • • Raising Funds
  • • Copywriting
  • • SEO
  • • Guerilla Marketing
  • • Social Media Strategies
  • • Lease Negotiation
  • • Logo Design
  • • Customer Psychology
  • • PR
  • …and 37 other topics


(check out more videos and free resources for small business at cakepdx.com)

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