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Stepping into 2020, we know there are hundreds of entrepreneurs looking forward to the opportunity to finally create their own float centers – the floatation community is full of famously passionate individuals with big dreams. This year, we wanna bring back something that has helped make some of those dreams a reality: Our Start-a-Center Giveaway!

We first did this in 2014 and three years later in 2017. Even just doing twice before, we’ve given out thousands of dollars of product to hundreds of people. Following with tradition, three years since our last giveaway, we’re opening it up again!

Registration takes only 30 seconds!

We’ll send you instructions from there so you can share your unique vision for your float center. Whether you want to open a futuristic float spa that compliments your massage practice or you wanna create an off-the-grid relaxation retreat to provide a mindfulness experience out of time – it’s up to you, and we want to hear about it.

Win $13,905 in FTS Materials

plus thousands of dollars in other salty, floaty prizes

The winner will receive:

Construction Package ($4400)

build a float tank center construction packet

Attendance for Two to our In-Person Apprenticeship ($3595)

Complete Float Business Package ($2170)

8 Hours of Dedicated Consulting Time ($2400)

Access to the Online Float Apprenticeship ($970)

From Float Tank Solutions


Marketing Consulting from Maximum Floats ($4000)

2 Tickets to the Float Conference & Workshop ($2270)

4 days of Theta State Agency’s Float Center Sitting Service ($1800)

10 Float Halos from Float Ease ($290)

Initial Supply of Organic Body Wash & Organic Castile Soap from Iron Lion Soap ($200)

10 Copies of The Float Tank Cure by Shane Stott ($146.50)

Each Book Released Through Coincidence Control Publishing (~$133)


Everyone who enters a submission will receive:

$1000 off our Float Center Construction Packet, and

2 free months of HelmBot software use (for new Helms)

Tell us what you think is amazing about your future center. Don’t hold anything back! 

If you have questions about the giveaway (or anything else), don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to reading your submissions!

Tank Topic – Writing E-mails

Tank Topic – Writing E-mails

This Tank Topic covers everything you need to know to get your e-mail on. You wanna know how long your e-mail newsletter should be and what topics you should cover? You wanna know how frequently to e-mail for special deals? You even wanna know how long your e-mails should have to be? You wanna know all these answers all at once? We freaking got you! I’m so glad you asked, cuz we literally just put this episode together. I’m really glad you’re gonna find it useful. Rock on, dude. Synchronicity!

Tank Topics – Managing Employees

Tank Topics – Managing Employees

Summer may be coming to a close but we’ve still got Tank Topics to help you beat the heat.

This collection focuses on managing employees, so we share everything from what to look for when hiring, what orientation looks like, and how we at Float On have structured our management hierarchy. Also… Ashkahn likes socks, so send him some. 

Pseudomonas in a Float Tank! – OSP 07

Pseudomonas in a Float Tank! – OSP 07

This is a bit of breaking news for the float world. There was a clearly defined case of someone getting sick in a float tank and Graham and Ashkahn are here to tell you what you as a float center owner (or future owner) should know about it and the steps you can take to keep yourself informed on this issue and make sure you don’t repeat any of the same mistakes. 

What’s Happening with the 2019 Float Conference? – OSP 06

What’s Happening with the 2019 Float Conference? – OSP 06

Graham and Ashkahn are here to fill you in on all the exciting updates to the Float Conference, now that it’s a non-profit, along with what to expect this year. 

They’re hopping in quick to let everyone know what’s going on before early bird tickets close, so definitely check the link in the description if you haven’t got tickets yet!

Rise Interview with The Petrovics – OSP 05

Rise Interview with The Petrovics – OSP 05

So by now it’s old news that Chris and Donna Petrovics have closed up shop at ProFloat Inc. At Rise earlier this year, they gave an emotional, heartfelt farewell talk to the industry. There were tears, hugs, and words of love and encouragement all around.

This interview takes place immediately after their speech, and the effect of it still hangs in the air during our conversation. Be warned, this interview may make you misty eyed while listening. Although it’s possible that it’s just the chopped onions that exist in the background. 

Some of the Best Flooring Practices for Float Centers

Some of the Best Flooring Practices for Float Centers

  Looking for something specific? Search our nearly 100 blog posts. Float On has been around for nearly 9 years, and in those 9 years, we’ve gone through lots of floors. Some have held up better than others. Some didn't hold up at all. At one point we tried putting...

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