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Stepping into 2020, we know there are hundreds of entrepreneurs looking forward to the opportunity to finally create their own float centers – the floatation community is full of famously passionate individuals with big dreams. This year, we wanna bring back something that has helped make some of those dreams a reality: Our Start-a-Center Giveaway!

We first did this in 2014 and three years later in 2017. Even just doing twice before, we’ve given out thousands of dollars of product to hundreds of people. Following with tradition, three years since our last giveaway, we’re opening it up again!

Registration takes only 30 seconds!

We’ll send you instructions from there so you can share your unique vision for your float center. Whether you want to open a futuristic float spa that compliments your massage practice or you wanna create an off-the-grid relaxation retreat to provide a mindfulness experience out of time – it’s up to you, and we want to hear about it.

Win $13,905 in FTS Materials

plus thousands of dollars in other salty, floaty prizes

The winner will receive:

Construction Package ($4400)

build a float tank center construction packet

Attendance for Two to our In-Person Apprenticeship ($3595)

Complete Float Business Package ($2170)

8 Hours of Dedicated Consulting Time ($2400)

Access to the Online Float Apprenticeship ($970)

From Float Tank Solutions


Marketing Consulting from Maximum Floats ($4000)

2 Tickets to the Float Conference & Workshop ($2270)

4 days of Theta State Agency’s Float Center Sitting Service ($1800)

10 Float Halos from Float Ease ($290)

Initial Supply of Organic Body Wash & Organic Castile Soap from Iron Lion Soap ($200)

10 Copies of The Float Tank Cure by Shane Stott ($146.50)

Each Book Released Through Coincidence Control Publishing (~$133)


Everyone who enters a submission will receive:

$1000 off our Float Center Construction Packet, and

2 free months of HelmBot software use (for new Helms)

Tell us what you think is amazing about your future center. Don’t hold anything back! 

If you have questions about the giveaway (or anything else), don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to reading your submissions!

Adding Float Tanks to an Existing Business – OSP 10

Adding Float Tanks to an Existing Business – OSP 10

Graham and Ashkahn kick off the New Year by discussing the things to consider when adding a float tank to an existing business. This is a fantastic episode to start with if you’ve already got a service-based business or are a practitioner looking to start up on your own and looking for ideas.

The boys talk about logistical considerations, the built-in advantages to adding on to an existing practice, as well as how nice it is to have a meatball sandwich after chilling out in a sensory reduced environment for an hour (Ashkahn has a serious one-track mind).

Tank Topics – Business Partners

Tank Topics – Business Partners

Graham and Ashkahn round out the end of the year by talking about all the naughty and nice things about having business partners.

It’s a shorter compilation today, which gives you plenty of time to talk to your own business partners about what you think about them!

Tank Topics – All About Research

Tank Topics – All About Research

The holidays are a busy time for float centers and it often means lots of new customers asking questions. This means it can be a really great time to brush up on the facts about floating. Fortunately we’ve formed a folio of fantastic studies for you to fancy. Feliz Navidad!

Tank Topics – Handling Difficult Customers

Tank Topics – Handling Difficult Customers

In every service business, there’s a running joke that someone likes that’s usually somehting along the lines of “this job would be great if it weren’t for all the customers!” (*cue laugh track and uproarious applause*), well, the boys have not shied away from talking about the difficult sides of running a shop like ours. We’ve got episodes about handling negative Yelp reviews, customers too intoxicated to float, and even what to do when it’s time to 86 a problematic client. 

The 2019 Float Conference Recap – OSP 09

The 2019 Float Conference Recap – OSP 09

You can tell this episode was recorded a little while ago, really close to after we all got back from the Conference. The boys are a little tired today, but they still have lots to talk about. 

Grashkahmn share their initial reactions to the Conference now that it’s being run by the industry as a non-profit. This is a nice episode especially if you’re looking for some insights on their behind-the-scenes perspective on this big industry event and how it has changed this year. 

The Russian Float Conference – OSP 08

The Russian Float Conference – OSP 08

Graham and Ashkahn are back to give their recap on the Float Conference. No, not THAT Float Conference, the Russian Float Conference. 

The guys got to go speak at the float event on the other side of the world and are reporting back on what that was like, how their industry is shaping up, and some of the lessons we can learn about their industry over there. 

Additionally, Graham and Ashkahn lied to you. The show notes will not have a puppet show in them. 

Float Tank Conference